Di Filippo Marionette (Italia - Australia)

Remo Di Filippo che saluta Proto, una marionetta a filo

05/10/2024 - 16:30

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Remo Di Filippo che saluta Proto, una marionetta a filo

Duration: 55 minuti

for everyone - WITHOUT WORDS

written, directed and performed by
Remo Di Filippo, Rhoda Lopez
construction Marionettes
Remo Di Filippo
costume design
Martina Di Paolo
Carla Cinciripini
Dardust, Marco Primavera, The Album Leaf, Wintergatan
live singing
Rhoda Lopez


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Second show of the Di Filippo Marionette company and second show of theirs that the festival proudly hosts.
Their first show “Hanging on a Thread” recently completed 600 performances in 23 countries, winning 8 international awards.

In this funny, dynamic and fascinating show, the main character is Proto, a puppet with wonderful possibilities.
Proto is born on stage, literally from the hands of the ManipulActors and finds himself a Marionette. He is aware that he is attached to strings and is acutely aware that he has two “figures” that give him life.
The interaction between Proto and the ManipulActors, who are always alive and clearly visible, develops the various scenes of the show, creating relationships that are the lifeblood of this work.
From the very beginning he shows us his curious character, and it is thanks to his vitality that we traverse with irony and poetry such topical themes as technology, travel, fragility and awareness.

This puppet tries to be an artistic metaphor of our existence, in which the viewer can identify with it and find in it a reflection of himself and some moments of his daily life.

All the techniques used in this show are very complex, although the viewer will feel a pleasant sense of simplicity that will increase amazement.
The icing on the cake of the show is the incredible voice of Rhoda Lopez, who will give us chills with her notes.

Variations Trailer 2021 from Di Filippo Marionette on Vimeo.



DI FILIPPO MARIONETTE was created in 2012 by Remo Di Filippo. In 2014 Rhoda Lopez joined the company, bringing her professionalism and experience in theater and music.
In six years this company has managed to perform in some of the most important figure theater theaters and festivals in Europe and the world.
This company has its own style that is well recognized and appreciated by audiences and critics. The manipulators do not simply bring the puppet to life, but interact directly with it, eliminating this historical distance between puppet and manipulators, which we can thus call ManipolActors.

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266/C, 10134 Torino

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