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Incontra Incanti

The experimental project Incontra Incanti is a new INCANTI Festival’s field of activity dedicated mainly to the dialogue between public and artists. It was born as a result of the limitations and difficulties caused by the health emergency and immediately obtained great interest and opened new challenges.

The experiment was interesting and stimulating.

The Festival seeks now to improve and expand this project with new partners with which to approach its scopes: public, artists and programmers choosing together themes, events and actions related to Puppetry’s development both locally and globally and from all possible points of view.

This is why a Crowdfunding campaign started on Eppela between May 13 and June 22, 2021

The first appointments of Incontra Incanti, in order to co-design together with public and artists the future of the Festival, will be held OnLive on zoom and at Orti Generali (Strada del Castello di Mirafiori 38/15):

  • Monday 19 July 19 - 20.30h.
  • Tuesday 27 July 19 - 20.30h.

To participate it will be enough to book by filling out the form that will be available shortly

  • What we want to do: cultivating INCONTRA INCANTI (Meet Incanti) 

Thanks to the help of crowdfunding and the collaboration with Orti Generali we want to make Puppet Theatre better known in Turin (and not only in Turin) proposing new ways of enjoying urban spaces under the umbrella of sustainability. Incanti festival points to bring into Orti Generali a world of puppets, marionettes, shadows and theatrical objects, in order to build occasions for both habitual visitors and new affluences to discover aspects of Puppet Theatre beyond the up to date usual stages. Creative aperitifs, co-design workshops, performances in the greens, moments of dialogue about arts and sustainability. 

 Orti Generali offers the possibility of creating new OnLive appointments within its evocative setting on the banks of the Sangone stream, in the Mirafiori sud district in Turin, widening the opportunities for dialogue, imagination and co-design from a green perspective. 

How the funds will be used

  • LET’S MEET An OnLive (live and live online) meeting at Orti Generali to introduce INCANTI through the words of its direction staff and organization team, with some suggestive shadows arranged by CONTROLUCE Teatro d’Ombre in a green&flourish environment. An good occasion to discuss the goal of the crowdfunding campaign “INCONTRA INCANTI”. The event has been held on Sunday 6th June at 18:30 in Strada Castello di Mirafiori 38/15 and in Fb direct
  • INCONTRA INCANTI  Meetings of performance’s spectators and performers, brainstormings and special appointments for a dialogue about puppetry and creativity.
  • DIALOGUES WITH… Appointments with artists and protagonists of the Puppet Theatre field at Orti Generali for an offered aperitif among the scents of flowers and fruits.
  • CULTIVATE INCANTI An open air theatrical event in the middle of the green. Orti Generali as a stage for puppets, shadows, marionettes and objects. 
  • SEEDING Moments to “cultivate” new reflections on theatre&environment and environmental sustainability, in collaboration with Orti Generali and the project SeminART
  • Sunday 6 June h.18.30 - OnLive meeting with aperitif at Orti Generali (Strada Castello di Mirafiori 38/15). An appointment to meet and discover together new horizons for Puppetry
Incanti Incontra

How can shadows, puppets and objects express and feel at the time of Covid-19 Pandemic?

The design of this special INCANTI edition has become an opportunity to directly involve the guest companies and the public in thinking together about it. New ways of enjoyment, ideas for performance’s adaptation to distance, audience and artists has joined in a Creative Forge.

INCONTRA INCANTI is an audience development project created to dialogue with audience and artists, through an active listening directed to the necessary program transformation and to a common thought about the new festival.

The meetings were held:

  • PUBLIC: SATURDAY 13 JUNE 11.00-12.30h.
  • ARTISTS: WEDNESDAY 17 JUNE 18.00-19.30
  • PUBLIC: SATURDAY 20 JUNE 18.00-19.00h.
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