Academy Project

A cue for reflection on the state of international Puppetry's training.

The Accademia project offers to the public of Incanti a moment of encounter with a European theater school containing a section dedicated to Puppetry in its training program. The aim is to offer a look at the state of the art and the education on Puppetry in the European context. Accompanied by a teacher who introduces the school, the guest students present one or more pieces/shows at Incanti, thus showing about the training and research in their school. In addition, through open workshops and seminars, they create an opportunity for knowledge exchange.

The Accademia project aims to give visibility to the main schools of Dramatic Art that include Puppetry in their training offer.

Past Edition


PAO#OSIJEK (Croazia)

In 2020 Incanti was to host the Osijek Academy of Art and Culture, with the performance of a group of its students accompanied by a teacher who would hold a workshop.
Unfortunately, due to pandemic and border closure, the project has skipped and we hope to be able to propose it again next year.


Guests in 2019 a group of neodiplomates of the Institut de la Marionette of Charleville-Mézières, an important international neuralgic centre for Puppetry.

with Valentin Arnoux, Cassiel Bruder, Tristan Lacaze, Blanche Lorentz
staging Zoé Lizot
dramaturgy Gwendoline Soublin

Everything starts from conflagration. Starts with a spark to become embers, flame, fire … then ash. It starts with a person, it becomes a gathering, then a group, then a crowd … and thus a scattering. It develops as form but also as movement. It crawls, wraps, then rises, changes, evolves, swells and swallows. There is in the fire and in the crowd something immeasurable, wild. But there is also beauty. The beauty of majestic fire that fascinates. And the feeling of belonging to a group, to a community. There’s something very organic about the crowd and about fire.

That is P = UI or Power = tension X intensity. What does this formula mean in this theatre? Where is the power? What is the tension? Who is the intensity? What creates energy, power, in a group? And in an audience?

at Incanti thanks to the support of Nuovi Mecenati Foundation



Guest in 2018 The Staatliche Hochscule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst of Stuttgart.
This University actively participates in a network that involves important musical and theatrical realities to offer the possibility to its students of acquiring as much experience as possible in the field. On the one hand the aim is to provide students with a means to develop their artistic skills, on the other, the various collaborations and projects serve to anchor more and more the university’s cultural scene in the region, thus facilitating the students in entering the world of work, recalling that training is essential and integral part of the culture in the Stuttgart region and in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Degree Course in Puppetry examines what contemporary visual theatre is today and what it can potentially become tomorrow. It includes the learning of both traditional and contemporary animation techniques (puppets, object theatre, material theatre, films, etc.) and encourages the discovery of one’s creative potential.

At Incanti 2018 some students present four works.

from and with Li Kemme

from and with Coiline Ledoux, supervision Stephanie Rinke

of and with Britta Tränkler, Anne-Sophie Dautz

of and with Noémie Beauvallet

PAL#LISBOA (Portogallo)

Guest in 2017 ESELx (Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa), which presents two studies: Reflexos de Dissoxi and Paisagem da memória, and a workshop.

Didactic Coordination Miguel Falcão, Encarnacão Silva, Natália Vieira, Rute Ribeiro
Progetto PA#Lisboa Coordination: Miguel Falcào, Catarina Firmo.

The ESELx is a primary training institute that in recent years has expanded the spectrum of its training offer in social, cultural mediation and especially theatrical fields: Master in art education, with specialization in Theatre and Plastic Arts, Post-Graduate in animation of stories and Post-graduate in Puppets and animated forms. With a highly qualified teaching staff , it is integrated into international research and cooperation networks, has privileged links with the most important cultural facilities throughout Portugal and attracts students from all over Europe.

The postgraduate course in animated forms is currently the only higher education course in Portugal in this area. It has a duration of two semesters: the first includes courses in body and voice training, history and aesthetics Puppetry, dramaturgy, experimentation in construction and manipulation techniques; the second is dedicated to design and realization of projects. In addition to teachers and researchers, the teaching staff includes programmers, producers, directors of international festivals and authors in the world of Puppetry, including actors-manipulators and directors.

creation, dramaturgy and staging Sara Goncalves
objects construction , acting, manipulation Ana CláudioSara Gonçalves
music and sound design João Balão

Inspired by the novel The Whistler by Ondjaki (Angolan author, Saramago Award winner 2013), this study tells the daily anxieties of Dissoxi, an African goddess who lives in a colonized country.
This little story is told through transparent and melted light, color and shadows of bodies and silhouettes in the live performer’s stage play. The music and the sound effects of the show are the background environment but also the starting point of the work itself.

Didactic Coordination: Miguel Falcão, Encarnação Silva, Natália Vieira, Rute Ribeiro
Project PA#Lisboa coordination: Miguel Falcão, Catarina Firmo

PAESAGGIO DELLA MEMORIA (Landscape of memory)
idea and artistic direction Isabel Barros
creation, construction and puppets adaptation, acting Ana Mota FerreiraRui MechaSílvia Pinto Ferreira

Let’s imagine a place. Let’s imagine a body traveling through this place.
Let’s imagine colors, many colors and birds, many birds. Let’s imagine a landscape and call it the landscape of memory. In the interaction between actors bodies and manipulation of objects / puppets, this work is primarily a place of freedom in an intimate relationship with music, like a score that speaks of wakes and stamps of identity, in which the images created on the stage and the music breathe together.

Didactic Coordination: Miguel Falcão, Encarnação Silva, Natália Vieira, Rute Ribeiro
Project PA#Lisboa coordination: Miguel Falcão, Catarina Firmo


PAW#WARSAW (Polonia)

Guest in 2016 the Bialystok Puppetry Art Department of National Dramatic Arts Academy Aleksander Zelwerowicz of Varsaw

Students bring to Incanti two short pieces: IL-Lusions and Masks.

Teacher Magdalena Kiszko-Dojlidko presents the school and helds the workshop The Shadows Lab.


PAB#BERLIN (Germania)

Guest of2015: Hochschule fur Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch of Berlin.

Performance: Borders/Batas/Grenzen curated by the company Retrofuturisten formed by school alumni in collaboration with the Indonesian company  Papermoon Puppet Theatre.

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