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Behind the scenes

When finished a Puppet show it’s always difficult to exit the magic created by the shadows, puppets, images and objects and leave the theatre room. Strong stimulus drives audience’s curiosity going to peek behind the scenes. Thus, compensating the difficulties in bringing to Turin shows from all over the world as usual, Incanti 2020 special edition has organized a series of online events to bring the audience behind the scenes of Puppetry, aimed to understanding the atrical mechanisms and meeting the artists. We hope turning this complicated and unhappy situation into a chance for satisfying audience’s curiosity by peeking where it is usually not granted.

We thank all the companies for allowing us to use their “behind the scenes” material.

The digital contents available here are free, but if you want you can make a donation to support Festival and its activities.

Thursday 8 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Ariel Daron (Israele-Germany)

The Empty Stage

An object-installation-theater-show for Corona Virus' times, able being represented with
all possible restrictions, thought by Ariel Doron.


Thursday 8 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

I Sisyphus (Bulgary)

Behind the dance: I Sisyphus

Trailer of I Sisyphus by Puppetslab (Bulgary)
that should have been present
in the Programme 2020.

i sisiphus

Friday 9 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Unterwasser (Italy)

mini documentary

Mini documentary about the show Maze
di Unterwasser (Italia)
(duration 3’17’’)


Saturday 10 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Marta Cuscunà (Italy)

Cultural innovation in
The deceived simplicity

A video about how the idea of the show
by Alessandro Ruzzier was born.
(duration 13’55’’)

Sunday 11 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Double Trouble (Poland)

2 much Trouble

Behind the scenes of the company that was supposed to be a guest in 2020. A video created specifically for this special edition of Incanti.

Monday 12 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Marta Cuscunà (Italy)

Behind the scenes of Sorry, boys

Freely inspired by facts that actually happened. Here is an excerpt from the show played at Incanti 2017, in which you can see behind the scenes. (duration 5’)

Tuesday 13 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Is Mascareddas (Italy)

Wood, cloth
and other tales

A visit into the laboratory of Is Mascareddas (Italy)
to find the costruction art of Donatella Pau
and listen to her histories.

Wednesday 14 October 2020 – ONLINE from 10:00 h.

Marta Cuscunà (Italy)

The deceived simplicity
fragments of b_fies

Satire for actress and puppets about the luxury of being women. Freely inspired by the works of Arcangela Tarabotti and the story of the Clarisse's nuns of Udine. (duration 3' 9'')

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