Tickets for the shows can be purchased from Saturday 11 September on the Vivaticket website.

Access to live shows is not exclusive but inclusive! This is the assumption from which we start and which pushes us in the direction of an ever greater welcome for all those who want to enjoy the magical moments that puppetry can offer.
We have therefore thought of appointments that bring us closer to the theater and bring us back there. And to a “do it yourself” ticket that allows you to choose independently how much to spend to go back to the theater again.

You decide how much to spend to go back to the theater again

do-it-yourself 15


do-it-yourself 10


do-it-yourself 5

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Due to covid emergency the festival prefer online sale. At the cost of tickets, Vivaticket will apply a presale cost.

It’s possible to have nearby seats in case of family and relatives, but it’s necessary to buy the tickets all together.

In case of unsold, remained tickets will be sold live from half an hour before the start of the performance.

You will need to have a GREEN PASS to access the shows

CANTIERE PROJET | MEET INCANTI live:  free, but booking is necessary due to limited number of seats.
Reservations recommended due to limited number of seats.
A voluntary donation, contribution to the online viewing, Incanti’s support
would be highly appreciated.
All video contributions, shows and BEHIND THE SCENES, can be viewed online for free.

* Reductions: reduced by law, students, over 65, AIACE, ARCI, subscription Torino Museums, International School of Comics

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Stay informed about our events

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