Year 2020

Progetto Cantiere - 2020

Production accompaniment path for artists and puppet theater companies

A project of support and accompaniment to the creation of young Italian companies with the aim of creating a cultural transition between the historical companies of the Italian Figure Theater and the new generations.

It also proposes to offer the best of them the opportunity to tour within the initiative’s partner festivals

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New call for the Progetto CANTIERE, now in its ninth edition, as special as this year’s edition of Incanti.

The objectives remain the same, that is to accompany emerging puppet theater companies in the production process with the aim of promoting this genre in Italy, giving visibility to the selected projects and providing them with production support with moments of meeting, support and verification during a whole year. However, the methods of participation change. Born during
the health emergency, the announcement of the Progetto CANTIERE – Special Edition, has decided to offer the possibility to all those who have been stopped working but not creatively during isolation, to participate, without age limits, with new projects but also with shows that have already been rethought today in the light of what is happening and which is inevitably changing the approach not only to the theater but to life in general.

The theatre, as we have always done, must somehow change, rethink itself, in the light of these new changes.
As? This is what the festival and the Progetto CANTIERE are asking themselves.
This is the question to which we seek an answer and which has been launched in this announcement.

October 13th from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM – Sala Grande Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Ten companies that have passed the pre-selection and that will access the fact-finding phase with consequent selection: Valentina Lisi, Michela Marrazzi, Biancateatro/Silvia Battaglio, Marco Intraia, Labirinto dei Microteatri, Martina Mirante, Antonella D’Ascenzi, La corporazione, Baldassarri/Ciufalo, Compagnia Teatrale CreAzione.

Six festivals and partner companies of the initiative will act as tutors and will accompany the selected companies in the various stages of production of the shows, whose debut will take place, in full form, in the INCANTI 2020 edition.

Progetto Cantiere is carried out in collaboration with Alpe Adria Puppet Festival di Gorizia, IF-OFF di Milano, Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure Arrivano dal Mare di Ravenna, Immagini dell’Interno di Pinerolo, Animar. Festival Internazionale del Teatro di Animazione sul Mediterraneo di Cagliari.
Thanks to Animateria di Piacenza and Atelier delle Figure di Faenza.

Interviews with short performances, due to safety regulations, cannot be opened to the public.
It will be possible for operators and insiders to follow the interviews after accreditation by email to

In this edition the finalist shows of the past edition should also have been staged but, due to isolation, they will not see the light until next year.
The companies selected in the 2019 edition were however invited to participate and proposed to present some excerpts of their other works. It will be possible to see live Drogheria Rebelot and Hombre Collettivo on October 13th at 9 PM. The perfomances of the two companies are free to enter, reservations are required by filling in the downloadable form here.

The performance of Ingegnerie Emotive will be transmitted instead, full, online thanks to Spazio1984. Booked here for online viewing available from 13th to 22nd October.

October 13th, h 9.00PM  – Sala Grande Casa del Teatro
omaggio a Bruno Munari

di e con Miriam Costamagna e Andrea Lopez Nunes
coreografie e movimenti Andrea Rizzo
produzione Drogheria Rebelot / BIBOteatro
in collaborazione con Laboratori Permanenti – Residenza Artistica Sansepolcro

durata 20’ | per vederlo dal vivo prenotati cliccando qui

Bruno, brilliant artist, is in crisis. He feels alone, he needs new stimuli to continue inventing. To get him out of the way from the creative block will be the matter itself, the Paper, raw first and then refined which, despite Bruno’s wishes and will, will become increasingly independent, until he discovers that sometimes Art is elusive even for those who do it and at a certain point need to go on their own feet on the road they want.

DROGHERIA REBELOT was born from the meeting between Miriam Costamagna, Andrea Lopez Nunes and Andrea Rizzo which took place within the “Nico Pepe” Academy of Dramatic Arts in Udine. After graduating in 2015 each one carried out research in different fields, for Miriam and Andrea Lopez in that of children’s theater and puppetry and for Andrea Rizzo in that of contemporary dance.
When in 2019 they attend “Animateria”, a training course for expert operators in puppetry techniques and languages, Miriam and Andrea L. decide to create their own company with which to experiment what they have learned, with particular attention to puppet theater shadow and the mixture of languages,
thus involving Andrea R.
At the moment they have “Black dog” in the pipeline, a show about fear in which the shadow theater dialogues with puppets and objects (show selected for Progetto Cantiere 2019, promoted by the Incanti festival in Turin).


October 13th, h 9.00PM – Sala Grande Casa del Teatro
Hombre Collettivo

Di e con Angela Forti, Agata Garbuio, Riccardo Reina, Aron Tewelde
Vincitore del Premio Scenario Infanzia 2020

durata 15’ | per vederlo dal vivo prenotati cliccando qui

What we delude ourselves that we are fighting outside of us is already inside us, inside our daily life, even if we are not aware of it.
R. Scarpinato

April 20, 2018: the sentence of the Court of Assizes of Palermo on the State-Mafia trial brings a piece of the past to the surface of our memory crammed with images. A piece of the past which, however recent, has already become history. A piece of history which, however decisive, is already in danger of falling into oblivion, with all its paradoxes and contradictions. A fundamental piece to understand the puzzle of our present. A piece that has been tried in every way to hide, alter, ignore: a missing piece.
Casa Nostra is not just a title: Ours is the house we find ourselves living in, with all that it contains. Ours, whether we like it or not, is that Strange Thing we inherited from previous tenants. Ours is the playroom where we have been locked up until now, where the children are left while the “grown-ups” take care of the serious stuff, those things that it is better for the children not to hear and not see.

HOMBRE COLLETTIVO was born in 2019 from the course of Figure Theater Animateria and was selected by the Cantiere Project with the studio Le città indicibili. Agata Garbuio (1988) graduated in Visual and Performing Arts and graduated from the Venetian Theater Academy, is an actress and maker of masks and puppets. Angela Forti (1998) graduating in Performing Arts and Sciences, is editor for Theater and Criticism. Aron Tewelde (1996) is an actor who graduated from the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts. Riccardo Reina (1986), graduated in philosophy, is an animator, playwright and director.

October 13th from h 10:00AM – Online
Ingegnerie Emotive

di e con Corinna Bologna e Gisella Butera
supervisione Damiano Privitera – Teatro del Lavoro
Si ringrazia il Teatro del Drago

Compila il form per vedere lo spettacolo online

Can a show, designed to be able to live in any type of space, also land online? And how can it maintain the indissoluble bond with the theatrical event in the form of narration and figure theatre?
These are the questions we asked ourselves in rewriting our work.
There is a ban in B’s house, you cannot enter dad’s room. One night B. decides to find out what is beyond the door, disobedience will lead her to meet a strange knight named Don Quixote. She will follow him within his story and he will take her on a great adventure.

The show “Di draghi, d’avventure e cavaliere” arises from the desire to explore an imaginary linked to written and oral stories, both from a narrated and visual point of view. The dramaturgy, structured following some of the functions of the fairy tale studied by Propp, is a small upside-down journey into the world built by
Cervantes in his “Don Quixote of La Mancha”. A distant echo remains of the original, instead a personal vision is added: Don Quixote in this story is not crazy at all but he is the only one able to still see the truth. The live show is designed to be enjoyed in any type of space, from theaters to homes, and in this online version it takes on an even different guise. From the point of view of style we want to try to maintain the element of craftsmanship, present so strongly in puppetry, combining it with the video medium and maintaining the visual suggestions present within the theatrical work. In the same way we have tried to maintain the craftsmanship of the narrated word which becomes the co-creator of scenes and events.

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