09/10/2022 - 19:00

Lavanderia a Vapore - Collegno (TO)

Progetto Cantiere

Duration: 60 min.

direction and choreography
Giuseppe Muscarello
Marina Bertoni, Daniele Bianco, Mara Capirci, Michael Incarbone
original spundtrack
Pino Basile
light design
Danila Blasi
Dora Argento
dramaturgy advice
Valeria Vannucci
production Pindoc | co-production Muxarte, Rosa Shocking/Festival Tendance, Museo Internazionale Delle Marionette Antonio Pasqualino
with MIC Ministero Della Cultura | Regione Sicilia | in collaboration with Piemonte Dal Vivo/Lavanderia a Vapore, Festival Fabbrica Europa, Teatri di Vetro

in collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore


Le donne, i cavallier, l’arme, gli amori

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Representing great stories through minute bodies is what have moved pupi tradition for centuries, incorporating the adventures, defeats, vicissitudes or perhaps more simply the lives of people and characters on a reduced scale. With their bodies, held by wires and crossed by an iron rod from the skull to the pelvis, the puppets attempt to mirror the human being both structurally and metaphorically.
Starting from this background image, the dancer enters the puppet’s form and makes pupi’s posture his own, moves independently while remaining moved by another: he is therefore both puppeteer and puppet of himself.

Looked into a narrative dimension, the characterization of the gesture merges with the search for the character, who follows the ideal thread of a story, that of Orlando Furioso. A disguised story, made of comic and dramatic substrates, landscapes that appear and disappear instantly, becomes an opportunity to deepen and detail the spatial and temporal dynamics useful to bring out a quality of movement that can recall the pupo.


at the end of the show there will be a meeting  in which the choreographer will talk with Alberto Jona – Artistic Director of Incanti Festival, Alessandro Pontremoli – Professor of History of Dance and Mime University of Turin


GIUSEPPE MUSCARELLO choreographer, dancer, performer, collaborates for over twenty years with numerous Italian dance companies as well as with film and theatre directors. In 1999 he founded and directed Muartearte, a dance company, immediately projecting his work towards research. The influence of different educational paths first and then artistic experiences, leads its founder Giuseppe Muscarello to create a group of young artists from different educational realities. Working on various contemporary dance techniques, he thus obtains creations derived from the personality of each individual element that, to date, are programmed in numerous national and international theatres and festivals. In recent years Muscarello’s path includes the study of visual arts.

Lavanderia a Vapore - Collegno (TO)

Corso Pastrengo 51, 10093 Collegno (TO)

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