Teatro Strappato (Italy - German - Spain)

06/10/2024 - 20:45

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Duration: 70 minuti


Vene Vieitez
Cecilia Scrittore, Vene Vieitez
original handmade masks
Cecilia Scrittore, Vene Vieitez
César Desviat, César Cano

show selected as part of the Turin FringeFestival 2023 “Fringe in the Network” project

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Betún is a street child, one of many millions, with no one, with nothing.
His story is a poem about emptiness, which manages to fill the audience’s heart with emotion.

This play tells a modern story, a fable of our time that could begin with “Clear the road once…” Our hero is not exactly a hero, he is smaller, let’s say a quarter hero, and as in all self-respecting fairy tales there are many bad things that happen…

Betún lives, dreams, works, sleeps and plays in the streets, the asphalt is his mat and the sidewalk his living room. Your story is the color of her home, her life, it is a black tale of dreams and reality.

This is what this play tells. It is not divided into acts nor into scenes, but into 4 dreams and 5 realities that show us the journey to hell of the child condemned to the street.

Teatro Strappato presents an unforgettable mask show without words but with great meaning, a theatrical fable that materializes and vanishes before the audience.
Images carried and then blown away by the wind, leaving unforgettable memories.

The research work carried out by Teatro Strappato, during the trip to Bolivia made in early 2016, on the children who live and work in the streets of the metropolises of Latin America, has as its fruit Betún. A leather mask that will become for a moment the face of millions of children.

100 million children live on the streets of our world, 40 million of them in Latin America.
Betún is that uncomfortable face that looks us in the eye and becomes the magic mirror that shows us the worst side of our species, Betún is 100 million children invisible but with a face, the worst face of our humanity.

Betun Promo IT from Teatro Strappato on Vimeo.


TEATRO STRAPPATO is a nomadic company of actors-artisans, it is a silent cry in motion. It was born from an idea, a need that Cecilia Scrittore (Italy) and Vene Vieitez (Venezuela) discovered they had in common in the year 2011, after meeting working in Italy for one of the most prestigious Commedia dell’Arte companies worldwide.
Theater of gesture, of masks, of figure, silent, social, political, emotional, raw, tender, poetic… There are many adjectives needed to define the genre of Teatro Strappato, a company that believes in the power of music and images that it manages to create on stage to tell what matters most to it.
The masks of Teatro Strappato are not a fossil, nor a nostalgic archaeological fetish, but rather they look to the present, to the future, they try to be the best mirror of the raw reality. These poetic weapons, these leather faces are, for Teatro Strappato, matters of constant research both in their use and construction. The exploration of the thousand possible faces of a soul has led the company to invent, design and create its innovative and surprising modular masks that, thanks to the precise physical work of the actors, come to life and change before the eyes of the audience.

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266/C, 10134 Torino

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