Relazioni Necessarie | Cantiere Project 2020


06/10/2020 - 19:30

Mufant - Museo Lab del Fantastico e della Fantascienza - Torino

Progetto Cantiere 2020

Duration: 50 min.

by and with
Valentina Lisi
direction and animation advice
Nadia Milani
Nadia Milani and Valentini Lisi
scenes and silhouettes
Valentina Lisi
voices off
Arianna Aramo, Fernanda Caselli, Miriam Costamagna, Patrizia Favaron, Andrea Lopez Nunes, Rosa Maniscalco, Giuseppina Meucci
sound project
Kevin Piccioli


FREE ENTRY subject to availability. Reservation recommended.

What is an addiction? That’s how our show begins, with an uncomfortable but in fact necessary question. And then? Then there is Valentina, a young girl who tells us the stories of her bizarre family of origin. The family, in fact, is a nest of habits, vices, manias, traditions and relationships that are perpetuated in the cyclicity of the dynamics on which it feeds. In Necessary Relationships we could recognize ourselves, smile and laugh at important words such as “addiction” and “pain”, and we can reflect on those actions that see us protagonists every day within our families.

Show realized as part of Cantiere Project 2020. On the stage there is a large and dusty Family Album, reproposed in a Pop up version, with its photographs that come to life and come alive through the use of silhouettes and paper figures.

VALENTINA LISI.  Born in 1995, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, specializing in scenography, and attended the advanced training course of Animation organized by Teatro Gioco Vita. She is among the finalists of the Cantiere 2020 project organized by Incanti Festival.

Mufant - Museo Lab del Fantastico e della Fantascienza - Torino

Piazza Riccardo Valla n.5, 10148 Torino

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