L'ultimo ballo di Brigitte


01/10/2020 - 19:30

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (Sala Grande) - Torino

Piccoli Incanti

Duration: 50 min.


by and with
José Antonio Puchades (Putxa) e Julieta Guascone
director assistant
David Maqueda Pavo
light design
David Maqueda Pavo
music and sound
Red Vox Studio
project and construction
Angel Navarro , Kim Dutour, Miguel Hache



Brigitte is old, so old that her memories are even black and white.
For Brigitte now, the time to leave has arrived, the exact moment when her last second will become eternal. But first she will prepare her bags by filling them with those souvenirs that will allow her to live for the last time. It’ll be Brigitte’s Last Dance.

A project of body mime, figure theater, dance and visual theater for a story without text because it’s impossible to tell with words. Winner of several awards including “Best Show” at Mimos De Perigeux Festival (France)

ZERO EN CONDUCTA, Teatre del Moviment is a project created in 2011 by José Antonio Puchades (Putxa) with the intention of exploring the expressive potential of the different performing arts related to movement. The research focuses on the union of body mime, dance, puppets and physical theater. In 2012 Julieta Gascón joined the company, followed by David Maqueda Pavo, in 2016. Their shows have traveled to numerous international festivals winning several awards.

from 5 years old

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (Sala Grande) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266, 10134 Torino

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