La grande guerra degli Orsetti Gommosi


03/10/2021 - 16:00

Casa Fools - Torino

Duration: 30 min.

direction and dramaturgy
Angelo Trofa
Valentina Fadda e Leonardo Tomasi
voice off
Tino Petilli
Leonardo Tomasi
Sabina Murru

in collaboration with Play with Food


The show will be repeated at 16.00 – 17.00 – 18.00 – 19.00
Admission € 8 (snack included) – reservations required through the Play with Food festival

The gummy bear nation awakens from its peaceful torpor to wage a hopeless war: they will attack the neighboring dinosaur nation. For every being of common sense it is evident that the clash between small bears of
candy and huge prehistoric reptiles will necessarily settle in favor of the latter. Yet there will be war. A
little kolossal who investigates about the incomprehensible element of the human soul, the one that pushes to actions
despite of common sense and profit. A desperate search for meaning that brings a nation of bears to an end.

Show selected to represent Italy at the festival InScena 2022 in New York. A bold and bizarre object theater show which takes place on a table.

Batisfera is an independent theater company founded in 2008, formed by Valentina Fadda, Felice Montervino and Angelo Trofa. The company has participated in numerous festivals including Torino Fringe Festival, Family Festival, Fuorifesta, Hortus Conclusus, Dominio Pubblico. In 2016 Batisfera won the Cagliari Pitch Contest organized by Sardegna Teatro with the show Come Sto. In 2019 the company is selected among the finalists of Strabismi Festival with the first version of the show La grande guerra degli Orsetti Gommosi.

Casa Fools - Torino

Via Eusebio Bava, 39, 10124 Torino

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