I, Sisyphus


04/10/2022 - 21:00

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (Sala Grande) - Torino

Duration: 60 min


director and playwrite
Veselka Kuncheva
Stoyan Doychev
voice over
Leonid Yovchev
puppet and stage design
Marieta Golomehova



I, Sisyphus is a kind of journey of the eternal return of man to himself. Since ancient times, philosophers have reflected on the absurdity of human behavior. Whatever path you may take, whoever else you try to become, whatever escape you may try, you always keep coming back to yourself. Human life is the repetition of the same action. Spiral, equal, predictable. And this constant action makes us meditate not on the meaning, but on the senselessness of human life. The show is an incredible misture of dance, movement and object theatre


PUPPET’S LAB thet heatre company “Puppet’s Lab” is based on 2014 year from Marieta Golomehova and Veselka Kuncheva. The purpose of the company is to search new forms and innovative means in the theatre. Marieta and Veselka works together more than 15 years. They have many prestigious international and national awards. 

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (Sala Grande) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266/C, 10134 Torino

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