Incanti's party


01/10/2023 - 10:30

Giardini della Reggia di Venaria


Duration: dalle 10.30 alle 17.30


Ariel Doron
CIA Petrillo
Controluce Teatro d’Ombre
Il Palombaro
Il Circolino Teatro



The festival opens with a party for the 30th anniversary of Incanti, but also a tribute to a great friend who should have been the godfather of this edition, Alberto Vanelli. Started last year, the collaboration between the festival and the Venaria Reale continues again this year with a tour of the gardens and the Reggia. Small shows, clowns, dancers, workshop will welcome the youngest and older audiences, inviting them to chase them through the clearings and paths.


H 10.30/11.30 Ariel Doron – One man Zoo strolling through the gardens
H 12.00 CIA Petrillo – dance into the Galleria di Diana
H 14.30 Controluce Teatro d’Ombre – Shadow theatre workshop into Citroniera (on reservation)
H 15.30/16.30 Teatrulla – Animated readings at the Citroniera
H 16.00/17.00 Il Palombaro – strolling through the gardens from Citroniera to the gardens
H 17.30 Il Circolino Teatro – flesh and blood puppets at the Fontana d’Ercole

free event included in the entrance ticket to the gardens of the Reggia di Venaria

Giardini della Reggia di Venaria

Piazza della Repubblica 4 - Venaria Reale (TO)

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