FOTO SELEZIONATA BellottoCurriculum descriptivo de Giulio

My career as an actor is a composite material. Over the years I have studied a lot of performing art languages and I have deeply studied several techniques.
At the beginning I experienced physical theater. So I attended a Lecoq method school, then a number of Terzo Teatro companies. I worked and I'm still working on
Commedia dell'Arte and masks. I trained in mimodrama and pantomime and I did a little contemporary dance.
But I use to face with prose theater too; in my works I have experienced the contamination of words, dance, music and theater.
During the last few years I started to approach puppet theatre as a subject of study; I saw a lot of puppet shows when I went to Naples for a Bruno Leone's "guarattelle" workshop. I was very fond of the idea that a non-living piece of matter could generate on stage such a fascinating and indefinable phenomenon, with so many meanings and (almost) infinite possibilities.
Since then, my artistic research is willing to recognise these potentials and studying them. Lately I'm doing my own puppet shows but I'm still very curious about other tecniques and languages. So I'm attending several festivals and schools - mainly "Animateria" (a puppet theatre school in Piacenza) and the Atelier delle Figure in Faenza, where Gaspare Nasuto teachs tecniques of puppet making. I'm very eager to take part in a real show production in these field with the opportunity to meet and be directed by Ines Pasic, an artist who I admire very much but unfortunatly I never met.


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FOTO SELEZIONATA ContiCurriculum descriptivo de Elisa

Is a long time that i investigate puppets (glove puppets, string puppets, body puppet ) and human body (contemporary dance and indian classical dance, clown, commedia dell’arte). I play also harmonium and accordion. I know the work of Ines Pasic and i love it! So for me it would be great could work with her. My big desire is find a new suggestion for investigate the manner to joint body, and puppet to create a drama. Hope that my experience and creativity could be helpfull for this creation.

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FOTO SELEZIONATA Robledillo Curriculum descriptivo de Cris

I am a puppeteer with thirteen years of experience. I started specializing in string puppets, and progressed to involve increasingly the body and the gesture, too. Three years ago I discovered a visceral need for expression and, since then, I investigate the possibilities offered by the crossing between puppett theatre with objects and flamenco dance.
With the study of flamenco my whole body is involved in making music: shoes, palms, playing the castanets, with the expressiveness of the hands... The possibilities of this form of expression are infinite.
I am originally from Barcelona, but for the last 6 years I have lived in Latin America: 3 years traveling on a United States’ bus along the Pan American highway, from Mexico to Argentina, with my former puppet company; and 3 more years with my independent project, based in Uruguay, acting as an artistic facilitator in socio cultural inclusion and investigating my own personal language.
Throughout this time, the migration experiences of my family during the Spanish migration of the 1960s resonate in my memory.
From all these experiences, I feel the need to create a show that deals with migration with a gender perspective through the crossroads of flamenco dance and puppet theatre.
I deeply admire the work of Ines Pasic. For me it is a constant reference and inspiration on a poetic, technical and thematic level.
I am sure that knowing her and sharing her methodological suggestion will bring power, clarity and transcendence to my understanding of the language of figure theatre.
I am a person with a high capability for work and a perfectionist. I enjoy putting at the service of the group my ability for empathy and listening. I strongly believe in collaborative processes, and I greatly enjoy sharing intense experiences with people as motivated and focused as I am. I have a lot of ability to adapt.
My expectations would be fulfilled by participating in the workshop but, if I dare to dream, I would like that sharing this experience will lead to create a group of investigation with which I can keep on studying in the long term. On the other hand, it would be a real pleasure to tour the show that results from the workshop.
Ultimatley, I know that approaching the creative orbit of Inés Pasic would imply a growth at an integral level for my person, an opportunity that I would not like to miss.

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