accademiaWednesday 9 October at 21.30
Sala Grande Casa del Teatro



with Valentin Arnoux, Cassiel Bruder, Tristan Lacaze, Blanche Lorentz
staging Zoé Lizot; dramaturgy Gwendoline Soublin

at Incanti thanks to the support of Nuovi Mecenati Foundation

duration 45’ | free entrance

Everything starts from conflagration. Starts with a spark to become embers, flame, fire ... then ash. It starts with a person, it becomes a gathering, then a group, then a crowd ... and thus a scattering. It develops as form but also as movement. It crawls, wraps, then rises, changes, evolves, swells and swallows. There is in the fire and in the crowd something immeasurable, wild. But there is also beauty. The beauty of majestic fire that fascinates. And the feeling of belonging to a group, to a community. There's something very organic about the crowd and about fire. That is P = UI or Power = tension X intensity. What does this formula mean in this theatre? Where is the power? What is the tension? Who is the intensity? What creates energy, power, in a group? And in an audience?


This is the fifth year for the Accademia project, which aims to give visibility to the main schools of Dramatic Art including Puppet Theater in their training program. The project is a springboard for reflection on Italian education related to this theatre genre. This year is hosting a group of alumni from the Institut de la Marionette Charleville-Mézières, an important international hub for Puppet Theatre.
The evening will be introduced by Fabrizio Montecchi, pedagogical director of AniMAteria and professor at the Institut, and Alberto Jona, artistic director of INCANTI.

free entrance

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