ines pasicThursday 10 October at 20.30h
Sala Piccola Casa del Teatro



by and with Ines Pasic

in collaboration with Museu da Marioneta of Lisbon and EGEAC
duration 45' | without words | buy ticket

Desde el Azul (From Blue) is the place that gives rise to the glares, desires and beliefs of Inés Pasic's artistic life and characters, fragile and merely corporeal, human like the flesh and bones of the puppeteer who manipulates them. They appear on stage in a moment of maturity, in the impetuous desire to assert their existence. The ephemeral and inventive forms of the human body's universe, a great altarpiece where the body's humanized parts interact, recreate their specific original conflicts and dramas, which are also those of the puppeteer. Onstage, strange creatures come to life, flesh of their own flesh, which are the body but above all the biographical soul of their puppeteer, whispered with humor and poetry.

GAIA theatre was founded in 2003. Its creative process develops within the circular and ecological vision of human consciousness. Inspiration for this vision is found in the mythological tales of all peoples on Earth. Gaia's theatrical proposal stems from research based on body puppet techniques initially developed by the Hugo&Ines Theater. Ines Pasic is bringing to INCANTI her new solo work.

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