ortigaThursday 10 October at 21.30
Sala Grande Casa del Teatro



with Marc Selles, Guillem Geronès

creation Guillem Geronès; direction Pep Vila, Marian Masoliver; direction assistant Ingird Codina
set and costumes Marc Selles, Guillem Geronès, light Andreu Fàbregas of Comun People

duration 50' | without words | buy ticket


Kumulunimbu is the story of a journey and a friendship between a girl and a cloud. Everywhere in the world, in this moment and always, many lives begin this path, this story, which speaks of courage, injustice, migration and hope, animating the protagonists. At the Festival de las Marionetas in Lleida (Spain), Kumulunimbu won the award for best scenography and the Gold Dragon award for best dramaturgy, and at FIMO-Festival de Titelles d'Ovar the award for Best Performance. A show that fascinates the young public and moves all ages, where small puppets and masks are combined with humor, critique and surprise. A space and time where poetry sails in a sea of emotions.

CIA.ORTIGA is an artistic collective based in the region of Girona, founded in 2012 in Portugal from an intersection between different projects of theatre and plastic arts. In recent years, they have consolidated by performing several works: shows, creations of scenographies, decorations and graphic design for events and festivals. The show presented at INCANTI has won, at the Festival of Puppets of Lleida, the award for Best Set Design and the "Drac d'or" award for the best drama. At the FIMO-Festival de Titelles d'Ovar, it won the award for Best Performance.

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