En attendant Kyoto

Max vandervorst (Belgium)

Il musicista Max Vandervorst che aspetta guardando delle strutture sospese che hanno in cima dei pezzi di ghiaccio che si sciolgono

12/10/2024 - 20:45

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Il musicista Max Vandervorst che aspetta guardando delle strutture sospese che hanno in cima dei pezzi di ghiaccio che si sciolgono

Duration: 50/60 minuti


by and with
Max Vandervorst


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Melting ice cubes
Falling marbles
Objects vibrating
Sounds are born
Melodies appear

A musician listens and accompanies this random and fascinating music with some instruments of his own invention.

This sound installation is a tribute to the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement signed in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Twenty years on, despite all the talk and some of the measures taken, the process of global warming does not seem to have slowed down. The ice at the poles continues to melt inexorably….

Will we passively wait for our total immersion?

Some sing in the shower, others in the rain. An orchestra played music on the sinking Titanic…. Ah, how terrible is the little music of drops and glass beads that makes (the objects of) our daily life resonate. May it stir our consciences and give us the strength to react!

Bottom line...

Glass beads or magic spheres are imprisoned in ice cubes, which in turn are suspended above lovingly chosen sound objects. The ice cubes melt little by little, releasing drops of water (plic), sometimes individual marbles (ploc) or in groups (badadam). The sound events are unpredictable, sometimes sparse and sometimes dense, like the weather…

A dozen black plastic bins house the sound objects and allow for the effective collection of marbles and water.
The sound objects – all salvaged – are matched and tuned to a specific key (drum, cymbal, xylophone, lithophone, metallophone, suspension spring, cascade of metal domes, floating caulkers, kitchen trays, metal gourds and Bordeaux bottles).

Sitting inside the circle, the musician weaves a melodic structure on an instrument of his own invention (the charbonnière guitar), in constant dialogue with the random sounds of the installation.
As an accomplice in the process, the audience is invited to be surprised by the simple beauty of the sounds, by the magic of randomness, or to wander through this forest of sounds. They can make themselves useful by picking up fleeting marbles, or lie down on the grass and close their eyes, as if taking a musical siesta.

And for everyone the special and exciting experience of waiting…

Not only an extraordinary musician and composer, but also a unique and unparalleled musical inventor. Vandervorst’s performance is not just a concert or just music. It is a play with an unlimited idea, capable of transforming anything dead and mute into an object of melodies and rhythms.

Platform Poétik: En Attendant Kyoto – Max Vandervorst from Park Poétik on Vimeo.


MAX VNDERVORST is a musician, composer and instrument inventor. Since 1988, he has been creating international shows based on the musicalisation of recycled objects. The Symphonie d’Objets Abandonnés, L’Homme de Spa, L’Orchestre de Papier, etc. have been performed in many countries and festivals (Printemps de Bourges, Jazz Montreux, Ars Musica, Musiq3, BIGBANG, etc.). He is also composer of many theatre musicals and creator of the ‘Maison de la Pataphonie’ in Dinant (Belgium). He has written several reference works on the theme of Lutherie sauvage, which have inspired many artistic projects in Europe and elsewhere. He regularly lectures at universities and holds seminars all over the world.

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala piccola) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266/C, 10134 Torino

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