Cappuccetto Rosso

Zaches Teatro (Italy)

Una bambina con una maschera e un cappuccio rosso che tiene in mano un lupo di legno è ad un tavolo con una donna che lancia in aria della farina

05/10/2024 - 20:45

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala grande) - Torino

Una bambina con una maschera e un cappuccio rosso che tiene in mano un lupo di legno è ad un tavolo con una donna che lancia in aria della farina

Duration: 45 minuti

Young Adults - WITHOUT WORDS

Gianluca Gabriele, Amalia Ruocco, Enrica Zampetti/Daria Menichetti
direction, dramaturgy, choreography
Luana Gramegna
scenes, costumes and masks
Francesco Givone
light design
Francesco Givone, Valeria Foti
sound project and original music
Stefano Ciardi
narrative voice
Luana Gramegna
assistant director, dramaturgy, choreography
Daria Menichetti


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Little Red Riding Hood! – A voice echoes in the silence…
And in the imagination immediately surfaces the image of the little girl with the red cape on her shoulders.
Probably the most famous version, the nineteenth-century Grimm version, comes to mind, but few know the variants predating even Perrault, the popular and oral ones that Yvonne Verdier collects in her essay The Needle and the Pin.

But in all versions Little Red Riding Hood inevitably strays from the protective sphere of her mother’s womb and finds herself alone in the woods.

A place of mystery and fascination, of temptation and transgression, the forest both hides and reveals, and that is precisely why it allows disobedience: far from the guarding maternal eyes, transgressing children face dangers and risks, namely their own fears. Naiveté and innocence must be, at least in part, abandoned in order to succeed in the complex and hostile adult world.
And, like adults, Little Red Riding Hood faces the universal questions, “Where are you going?”, “Which way will you take?”, “Who is here?”

Dragons can be killed or tamed, but one must in any case know them, just as each of us must do, child or adult, to overcome our fears. Because brave is not the one who has no fear, but the one who decides not to withdraw his gaze before it.

The languages of dance, figure theater and music will be the delicate tools through which to tell the story.


ZACHES TEATRO was founded in Florence in 2007. It works on the combination of various artistic languages: contemporary dance, the expressive means of figure theater, the use of the mask, vocal research, and the relationship between plastic movements and live electronic music.
The Company receives support from the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Tuscany as a Production Company. Since its first production, it has received numerous awards in Italy and abroad. It produces, between 2014 and 2018, the Fairy Tale Trilogy, of which Pinocchio, winner of Best Leading Actress and Best stage visualization at the 22nd. International Festival of Children’s Theatre Subotica (Serbia), and is in the 2015 In Box selection, Cappuccetto Rosso, a finalist for the 2019 In-Box Verde Award, and finally Cenerentola winner of the Toscana Terra Accogliente production call, the Eolo Awards 2022 as Best new children’s theater, Best Actors award at the Int. Theatre Festival VALISE in Lomza (Poland), Best Play, Best Director, Best Actors at the Int. Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica (Serbia)
In 2020, with the pandemic, the Company is producing the site-specific Cappuccetto Rosso nel Bosco in the Woods for the summer, and the show Sibylla Tales, designed for digital fruition, with which it won a call for proposals from Spazio Rossellini in Rome and ATCL Live Streaming Theatre, and then will also debut in 2021 as an in-person show.

Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (sala grande) - Torino

Corso Galileo Ferraris 266/C, 10134 Torino

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