The ratcatcher

ratcatcherPIP 2017 directed by Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya

3rd October, 20.00 and 22.30h.
Casa del Teatro Sala Piccola

The ratcatcher

direction Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya
with Andrei Balan, Aga Blaszczak, Sara Celeghin, Lorenzo Galli, Ahmed Hany, Francesca Quatraro
assistant Marco Intraia


Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya has chosen the Pied Piper of Hamelin as the topic of PIP 2017. This Saxon legend, subject of a Poem by Goethe and of a transcription by the brothers Grimm, tells of a musician who leads the rats away from a town with his magic instrument.

The russian director has worked intensively for 22 days at the Chalet Allemand in Grugliasco with an heterogeneous group of actors, puppeteers and musicians selected by her: they come from Italy, Egypt, Poland and Romania.
Music, the topic of the festival, is also the silver thread of the work produced during the workshop at the Chalet Allemand in Grugliasco.

"I like unknown, unexpected and incomprehensible languages: those languages that still have to be discovered. Or even invented. To me, exploring a new language during the production of a performance is the most important and stimulating part of the process"Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya

At the end of the show there will be a meeting with Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya

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