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Logo RP stampaMichele Coppola
Councillor for Culture and Youth Politics of Piedmont Region
INCANTI starts the forms of thousand-year old and universal art, able to talk today with the most modern technologies, to be open to renovations and to seduce with a cross language that touches research theater, music, visual and performing arts, dance: INCANTI, besides following the always fascinating paths of tradition, has brought to us in recent years the experiments of a puppet theater able of intriguing and engaging .
The theme of the last three editions , Puppetry and History, is emblematic in showing how much this theatrical field must be followed with interest because because of its versatility and ability to deal with different issues and how much it can detect scenic and dramaturgical unexplored territories through his means of communication and its expressive strings. But the festival does not forget the essential component of higher education : the Production INCANTI Project continues its advanced training with Gulio Molnar, wise creator of that pedagogy which forms the actor through the objects presence in the theatrical work .
Significant element of the multifaceted reality of festivals that is the wealth of our region, Incanti proposes its own personal identity characterized by a sensibility which has been able to build unpublished lands of creation and expression from the wealth of differences.

città torinoMaurizio Braccialarghe
Councillor for Culture, Tourism and Promotion of the town of Turin
The Festival INCANTI , at its eighteenth edition, once again makes tribute with an excellent program, to the generous and ancient Figure Theater, offering to the public of Torino and Piemonte a qualified overview of the ongoing research paths as well as the productions of tradition nationally and internationally.The Association CONTROLUCE Shadow Theatre, as always, guarantees the quality and variety of proposals with expertise and innovative capacity, confirming its collaboration with many subjects, institutional or not, which are its traveling companions since that many years ago.
I am particularly happy to have the opportunity to contribute to this qualified cultural offer, aimed to a wide audience, with proposals for adults and initiatives dedicated to young people. Even the training sessions , promotion and production are not neglected .
Rightfully then the usual spaces of the Teatro Stabile di Torino and the Casa del Teatro Ragazzi will once again support the festival.
It ' also confirmed and successfully continues its collaboration with PROSPETTIVA, the autumn festival of the Teatro Stabile di Torino , whose third edition will pay tribute to the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy , and therefore will host some proposals closely connected with the theme of this year's festival , Figure Theater and History.

Fabrizio Arcuri
Artistic director of Prospettiva 150 (Autumn Festival of Turin Theatre System STT)It 'a real pleasure for me to see the partnership between the festival PROSPETTIVA and INCANTI renewed also this year and my satisfaction increases even more when I realize that this collaboration promises to be even more dense and intertwined: in fact, it will not only to share spaces and logistical synergies, but also a fascinating thematic coincidence. Prospettiva150 will be dedicated to "foreigners in their own country", including in this definition all those who can not find a role or position within in their own country (Carbonari, ghettoized minorities, revolutionaries, opponents to the system, etc.), and the INCANTI shows that will be hosted within PROSPETTIVA program are all in some way attributable to this file rouge. The Cuban company Teatro de las Estaciones will outline the history of the pianist Ignacio Villa Fernández, the Canadian Cirque Orphelin will lead us through the dreams and nightmares that animate their clandestine garden of waste and rubbish, Giulio Molnar will afford forms and functions of a universe made of objects only and Antonio Panzuto will move animals, mermaids, singers and characters of all sorts through the notes of the Flying Dutchman by Wagner among the vegetables and bottles of a refrigerator-theater. However, Vertex inevitable of this path is the show at Teatro Carignano of the historic theater community Bread and Puppet Theatre, who will dedicate their performance to the "foreign" Bradley Manning, the American soldier and computer technician who has been jailed for passin thousands of confidential documents to WikiLeaks, revealing to the world some of the darkest pages of the most recent international history.

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