DETAILED PROGRAM INCANTI 2010, XVII edition, October 12th - 17th:

Otober 12th, 20:30h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola


Ho un non so che nel cor (che invece di dolor gioia mi chiede)
I have a something in my heart (which ask me joy instead of pain)

divertissement around Agrippina by G.F. Haendel

by and with Cora De Maria, Rosa Mogliasso, Alberto Jona, Jenaro Melendrez Chas and Massimo Arbarello

CONTROLUCE Shadows Theatre, with the help of the writer Rosa Mogliasso, offers a glimpse of the images created for the the Handel's Agrippina directed by Davide Livermore and produced last July by the Via Stellae Festival of Santiago de Compostela with the Europa Galante Ensemble and the musical direction of Fabio Biondi. It is an ironic and unconventional hors-d'oeuvre of the opera and its climate of empire at the edge of the abyss.

October 12th, 21:15h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Grande

2 PIP 2010
“Über das Marionettentheater, 1810”
final show of the workshop PIP 2010 directed by Frank Soehnle on the text On the Marionette Theater by Heinrich von Kleist
with Alice Therese Bhom, Paolo Colombo, Alberto Genovese, Torsten Gesser, Antonin Lebrum, Andrew Kim, Agostina Pautasso, Giorgio Siccardi, Monica Strobl


Schermata 2013-06-14 a 20.02.50Frank Soehnle is one of the best-known puppeteers in Europe, with his group Figuren Theater Tübingen presented to INCANTI in past years the shows Flamingo Bar, Children of the Beast (Italian premiere) and Salto lamento (Italian premiere). This year, guest director of PIP, leads a group of international puppetry professionals in the creation of a performance based on the fundamental text by Heinrich von Kleist, On the Marionette Theater in the bicentenary of its publication.

October 12th, 13th and 14th, 20:00 and 22:00h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

3 BRUNO PILZ (Germany)
by and with Bruno Pilz puppets Lillian Matzke stage Marjetka Kürner

Italian premier

A menu of audiovisual fast food served only for two spectators at a time! A new kind of puppet theater that speaks of life-death and heaven-hell, about seeing and being seen, topped with modern projection techniques and changes in perspective. Bruno Pilz started his career in bizarre as magician and juggler in a circus in Italy. After experiences of street theater throughout Europe, discovered the puppet theater and decided to studying it at school Ernst Busch in Berlin. His passion for all that is visual in the world of video games and cinema has influenced the dramaturgy and aesthetics of his work, focused on the use of light and shadows.

October 13th, 21:00h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola

Antología (Anthology)
by and with Jordi Bertran costume Maria Dolors Fernandez light and sound Paulette San Martin
Schermata 2013-06-14 a 20.09.06Seven musical and theatrical episodes with puppets make a show where the movement, the insinuating detail and gesture produce a hypnotic magnetism. The characters, from Louis Armstrong to Dali, alternate on the scene creating one of the historic shows of Spanish puppetry. Jordi Bertan founded the company that bears his name in 1977.

October 13th, 22:30h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Grande

Keskusteluja (Discussions)
Performers: Ville Walo and Kalle Hakkarainen. Production WHS, Kiasma Theatre, Cirko - Centre for New Circus, Association for New Juggling, and Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie.

A performance on communication and its lack; a show about the passage of time. Through mobile projection surfaces a choreography of circus arts choreography becomes total. Images of an old silent movie are combined with present video sequences interweaving different levels of time and reality. Elements of circus, thanks to the style of Walo that combines juggling, puppetry and dance, blend with the expressive range of Hakkarainen, from manipulation of objects to magic.

October 14th, 21:00h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Grande

Cuttlas, anatomia de un pistolero (Cuttlas, anatomy of a gunman)
original idea Sergio Pons, direction Lluís Graells, original comic Calpurnio, originale music Josep Maria Baldomà lights José Gabriel Fernández
with Pep Boada, Miren Larrea, Nùria Olivé, Sergio Pons and María Santallusia

Italian premier

Schermata 2013-06-14 a 20.09.06After a long professional career in gestural theater Sergio Pons creates Produccions Essencials in 2006 to promote interdisciplinar artistic collaborations. In this show bunraku theater techniques, black theater, projections and live music combine to create a curious cartoon character, Cuttlas the gunman, who tells the world of westerns with a wink to the movies. Press Award at the Festival Kontrapunkt in Poland in 2008. The company debutes in Italy for Incanti.

October 14th, 21:00h.
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola

Le Mosche (The flies)

Idea Donatella Pau, Cristiano Bandini, text Cristiano Bandini, direction Francesco Origo
with Tonino Murru and Claudio Bisi.

The show, freely inspired on William Golding's "Lord of the Flies", is a reflection on the current state of contemporary democracies. If the value of democracy stands in the "democratic method", how much this procedural value is capable of opposing the affirmation and consolidation of power positions through violent methods? The plot of "The flies" takes as a "historical fact" the story of the boys survived a plane crash on a desert island, narrated by the British novelist. After many decades of that human (and inhuman) adventure, the two protagonists/antagonists of the book meet again. They are now adults and have two diametrically opposed reconstructions of that experience.

October 15th, 20:00h.
Cavallerizza / Manica Corta
Prospettiva 2

È bello vivere liberi! (It's nice to live free)
idea, dramaturgy, direction and interpretation Marta Cuscunà stage objects Belinda De Vito lights and sound Marco Rogante

Prize Scenario per Ustica 2009

The show is inspired by the biography of Ondina Peteani written by historian Anna Di Giannantonio. Ondina, just 17 years old, comes on an irresistible need for freedom and finds himself unable to stand and watch, conscious and determined to act to change her country. Ondina participates in the fight against fascism in Venezia Giulia, where the resistance starts earlier than in the rest of Italy in collaboration with the Slovenian partisan groups already born in 1941 to oppose the fascist occupation of the Yugoslav territories. Marta Cuscunà has worked with the CTA of Gorizia, Joan Baixas, Theatre Club Udine, Rossetti Theatre and Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

October 15th, 22:30h.
Cavallerizza / Manica Corta
Prospettiva 2

The Vertigo of Sheep
written, staged and played by Andrew Kim & Kathy Bradley

Italian premier

A well-meaning but unreliable clown tries to explain the Book of Genesis. What did Adam and Eve to fail? Did Abraham really wanted to sacrifice his son? Why was Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt? Through puppets, objects, physical theater and live music, Thingumajig Theatre creates a world where profane objects become sacred and sacredness becomes hilarious. The company debuted in Italy at Incanti's last year edition and returns after their great success this year with a new job.

October 15th and 17th, 22:00h. Cavallerizza/Manica Corta Foyer,
Octobre 16th, 22:00h. Teatro Vittoria
Prospettiva 2

Chat noir a nove code (Chat noir with nine tails)
Microperformance for a small group of audience
by and with Cora De Maria and Rosa Mogliasso

Italian premier

The shadows caress eros ironically, combining bourlesque and early twentieth century cabaret. Controluce, born in 1994 and present in festivals in Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America, has proposed shadow theater staging for opera and contemporary music. The group has collaborated with musicians as Mario Brunello, Fabio Biondi, Jordi Savall, Gabriel Garrido, Terpsycordes Quartet, String Quartet of Turin, Debussy Trio, Orchestra Regionale Toscana, Nicola Campogrande, and many others.

Octobre 16th, 20:00 Octobre 17th, 16:00h.
Cavallerizza / Manica Corta
Prospettiva 2

Sagimusume (Otome Bunraku)
by and with Masaya Kiritake

Italian premier

A girl in a wedding dress with a Japanese umbrella in her hand narrates her heartbreak dancing like a white heron: from a burning passion to a slow agony that leads her to madness and finally to death. Otome-Bunraku is a variant of Bunraku (traditionally male art) in which the puppet is animated by a single woman. Its origins date back to the early 20s of the twentieth century in Osaka. The Otome-bunraku (Bunraku done by women) was developed by Hayashi Jiboku thanks to a structure that allowed one woman to support the weight of the puppet. Manami Kimura playes Otome Bunraku since 1996 and creates herself her puppets; She learned the technique from Master Mitsuko Yoshida, and subsequently by Master Masako Kiritake, from whom he inherited the artistic name.

October 16th, 22,30h.
Teatro Vittoria
In collaborazione con Prospettiva 2

Duplica - secondo movimento  (Duplica – second movement)
coreography and dance Paola Bianchi production Agar in collaboration with INCANTI / Controluce Teatro d'Ombre, Teatro dei Cinquequattrini, Teatro A. Massari, Teatro Comunale Rosaspina, L'attoscuro, KosmosTheater
two places. the space of shadow and the space of flesh. two worlds in a deaf dialogue. one is an action turning back to action. One is specular. which side the mirror stands? living image and still image that duet. a work on the relationship between light and shadow. Duplica the show, premier, is the result of extensive collaboration and association with the shadow theater. Paola Bianchi in this show combines contemporary dance and shadow theater, with the dramaturgy of Rosa Mogliasso, writer.

October 17th, 20,00h.
Teatro Vittoria
In collaborazione con Prospettiva 2

Vite senza fine (Storie operaie del Novecento) (Lives without end – XX century working class stories)
Direction Gyula Molnar, Sculpture Gigio Brunello, Sound and noise Lorenzo Brutti, Iron works Elis Fraccaro, Original music by Gigio Brunello

On a long table at a country fair, illuminated by a braid of colored light bulbs a working-class neighborhood is imagined. There are houses, the church, the row of poplars and residents who seem statuettes of a Neapolitan nativity scene. The paper tablecloth is the asphalted square and at the same time the screen of the open air cinema, but also a large sheet of notebook paper scribled with calculations, doodles and sketches. This is because the soul of all the stories in the show is the mechanics, the curiosity that fills the time chasing pulleys, levers, wheels driven by wind or water to entrust a thought, a verse, a phrase that does not stop.

October 17th, 22:30h.
Cavallerizza / Manica Corta
Prospettiva 2

14 JOAN BAIXAS (Spain)
Tierra Preñada (Pregnant Earth)
with Joan Baixas e Francisca Rodrigo

Schermata 2013-06-14 a 20.09.06
Dust, water, mud. The earth is always pregnant and ready to give life. A journey into small stories that create images, a show of painting and live music. Joan Baixas paints over a large illuminated screen. The images appear and are erased along with the music of Francisca Rodrigo. The show, on tour since 2001, has begun in the desert of Australia with its light monochrome and rain: pregnant earth; it took then shape near St. Petersburg, Russia with the humus of a tired Russia, primitive and fertile and finally in Sarajevo with the ashes of millions of burned books. Joan Baixas is one of the masters of Spanish puppetry, active since 1964, he founded the Department of Puppets of the Istitut del Teatre and directed the International Festival of Teatre Visual i de Titelles in Barcelona. His shows have been represented worldwide.

INCANTI AT GRUGLIASCO – Performances for the schools
October 12th - 13th - 14th, 10:00h.
Chalet Allemand, Grugliasco

Il Principe Mezzanotte (The Prince Midnight)
Prince Midnight is the victim of a curse: when he will find true love he will become a monstrous being. To escape that fate he decides not to fall in love ever, he closes himself in a smoky manor and lives alone, sad and wistful. A carousel of funny and grotesque characters will lead us in this delicate and romantic fairy tale told with an unusually noir style, mysterious and poetic.

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