XVII edition presentation

The theme of INCANTI 2010, seventeenth edition of the Festival, keeps being the relationship between "Figure Theatre" and History as last year. This theme will have its point of arrival in 2011 when celebrations for the Unification of Italy will spread. Shadows, puppets, objects and marionettes can face amazingly the most diverse themes, from the everyday life to the History with the capital H letter; the Festival once again demonstrates how large the spaces of the Puppet Theatre are: religion, war, civil strife, political aspects are directly or indirectly touched by the shows offered in the program. What's new for 2010 is the collaboration with the Turin Teatro Stabile's project PERSPECTIVE 2, a further sign about the recognition of both Puppetry as an important cultural resource in Piedmont Region and the work done by INCANTI in all these years to make of Turin one of the centres of European "Figure Theatre".
The Project Incanti Produce (PIP), born in 2008 with the dual aim of teaching/training and production, thanks to the remarkable success in the past two years, acquires in this edition a special importance: it will inaugurate the Festival. The director invited to lead the PIP 2010, Frank Soehnle of the Figuren Theater Tübingen (Germany), is one of the best-known European marionettists, already guest of INCANTI in past years. The PIP's main objective is to encourage Puppet Theatre in Europe, and it is supported as extraordinary initiative by the Piedmont Region and the City of Grugliasco.
The Shadows Theatre workshop at the Castello di Rivoli, which arrives to its tenth edition, is entrusted to the Korean artist Kim Eun Young, who proposes an stimulating and refined subject mixing shadows theater and oriental calligraphy. The venues of this year's festival are the Casa del Teatro, the Victoria Theatre and the Manica Corta of Cavallerizza. The section dedicated to puppetry for children and the PIP workshop will be held in Grugliasco's Park Le Serre, at the Chalet Allemand and Villa Boriglione.
In addition to the support of the Piedmont Region and the collaboration of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art over the years Incanti has been supported by of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, the City of Turin, the Turin Theatre System (STT), the City of Grugliasco and collaborated with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani onlus.

Turin, September 2010

Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
Artistic direction                                                Program 2010                               Intitutional presentation

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