Vudú Teatro – The second opportunity of puppets

Started on 17 April 2024


Saturday 14 October – from 16.00 to 17.30


Casa del Teatro ragazzi e Giovani – Corso Galileo Ferraris 266 – Torino


Starting from scrap materials, string puppets, glove puppets, table puppets or anything else that comes to mind will be built with the participants.
Boxes, plastic, organic and inorganic materials, forgotten objects and some clothing that we already want to get rid of will give cohesion to these new beings, creating their world and revealing the essence of the puppeteer: to give the inanimate a soul. Because, never as in this case, reusing means giving a second life!

By experimenting and observing carefully, you will discover the basic construction and assembly strategies.
A fun, necessary laboratory, full of round trips where intuitions, meanings and signifiers will mix, giving infinite possibilities to exercise and shape our imagination.


Language: Spanish with an Italian interpreter

Costo: 15,00€ with snack

Age: from 6 to 99




Vudú Teatro was born in 2010. It has emerged as a multidisciplinary platform in which to carry out projects in theatre, puppetry, literature and music. He has active small and medium format shows which usually have as a common denominator the visual and gestural theatre, poetry, the world of puppets (in the broadest sense), music and shadow theatre.

The founder, NELO SEBASTIAN was born in Valencia, he began his studies in Art History and Fine Arts. After that he began to travel to broaden his training and professional career. In Paris he had the opportunity to be part of the student body of Alejandro Jodorowsky, he founded the multidisciplinary and nomadic circus company “La Tribu del Mono” with which he toured South America and settled for a while in Colombia where he deepened his poetic work with Juan Manuel Roca. In Barcelona he finished his studies at the International Theater School ESTUDIS, Berty Tobías (Jaques Lecoq method) and was part of the Pepe Otal Puppet House-Workshop.
In 2010, he founded Vudú Teatro and creates his own shows in which puppets, physical theatre, shadow and object theatre, visual poetry and words mix to accommodate his concerns.

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