Giuseppe Muscarello – Workshop

Started on 8 October 202210 AM8 ore
Saturday 8 ottobre – dalle 10.00 alle 18.00

Lavanderia a Vapore – Collegno (TO)


“Starting from a Labanian principle according to which every man is a dancer and that everyone can have the experience of dance, intended as an instrument of sharing and social integration, I would like to extend to the community the work of transmitting the gesture of the baby as a pretext for knowledge of the one’s body, characterized by a creative action within everyone’s reach regardless of age, sex and different abilities. The idea is to explore the different Italian puppet or marionette traditions that boast a centuries-old tradition and richness of languages by analyzing the complex phenomenon that is the modern puppet theater, with its extraordinary range of variations and potential.” Giuseppe Muscarello.

In collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore


Language: italiano

Cost: FREE

Inscription: 011 0361620 –


Choreographer, dancer, performer, he has been collaborating for over twenty years with numerous Italian dance companies as well as with film and theater directors. His career as a solo dancer began in the early 90s and developed in many and varied forms: from 1995 to 1999 he specialized in aerial and acrobatic dances, dancing in numerous European squares. For years he has been carrying out dance and stage movement training activities for professional  dancers and actors throughout Italy. In the latter he shows particular attention to the theater by signing the stage movements of numerous theatrical works

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