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2017 Paths of innovation

villa Boriglione27th October, 18.30h.
Casa del Teatro

SENTIERI D'INNOVAZIONE (paths of innovation)
Emerging talents and tradition within International Puppet Theatre

Open discussion with John McCormick (Ireland), Giulia Poltronieri (Italy-Spain), Natalia Vieira (Portugal), Ariel Doron (Israel), Alfonso Cipolla (Italy) in collaboration with Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare and UNIMA Italia.
Plurality of languages, capacity for universal immediacy, propensity to contamination, and everlasting potential for change: the INCANTI forum continues on the future of the Puppet Theater, with exceptional witnesses and diversified approaches.

johnJohn McCormick (Ireland) He was an Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin, where he was the first director of the Centre for Theatre Studies. He is the author of books on subjects related to Puppetry in Europe including popular puppets in 19th-century Europe, the Victorian Marionette Theatre and the history of the Italian Puppet Theatre.


Natália Vieira (Portugal) She graduated at the Theater and Cinema School of the Lisbon Polytechnic in Actor's Formation and Theater and Education and has a Master in Theater and Community. She is a teacher at ESELx, a professional actress and an assistant director.

arielAriel Doron (Israel) He studied Cinema at the University of Tel Aviv, attended painting courses at the Visual Theater School in Jerusalem and followed a variety of workshops in Israel and France. He has been invited to present his performances, to direct other's and to hold masterclasses at festivals and theaters in over 25 countries.



Giulia Poltronieri (Italy/Spain) Cultural Manager since 2008, currently she is coordinator and manager of the Puppet Festival IF in Barcelona, co-director of Píndoles -Festival of micro-theatre outside the theatre in Barcelona and responsible of production of the music festivals Cara-B and Mixtur. She also collaborates with various Spanish cultural organizations.



alfonso 2Alfonso Cipolla (ITALY) Professor of Theory and Technique of Scenic Interpretation at the "Guido Cantelli" Conservatory of Novara, has also taught Theatre of Animation for several years at the Faculty of Arts, University of Turin, and published essays on the history and specific aspects of the Puppet Theatre in Italy. With Giovanni Moretti he has founded and directs the Institute for Puppetry and Popular Theatre.

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