Brigid VidlerI have a mixed background in Theatre and Sculpture. I am interested in how space and objects can contribute toward telling a story. I am more drawn toward physical performances rather than traditional text based works and I love theatre which creates magic through simplicity. In the past couple of years I have worked as a set and prop designer/constructer for smaller companies in Sydney whilst studying. I trained in Dance when I was young and more recently in Suzuki and Bodyweather. I like the collaborative element of the theatre. I enjoy working out the technical elements of a project and helping to bring the vision of someone else vision into a reality. This is why I found my role as set/prop builder satisfying as I was contributing towards and extending the ideas of both the director and the performers. I think that I would have a lot to contribute to the workshop. Firstly, I speak Italian and Spanish and secondly because I have a broad range of manual skills. In my work I have used carving, modeling, casting, sewing, painting, drawing and most importantly the general assembly of random objects.

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Zosia-Stella Sawicka

Puppetry is the area of theatre that excites me most, by its ability to enchant an audience into believing that anything is possible. In previous work I have explored table-top Bunraku style puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, object theatre and have also designed and constructed a large scale insect puppet installation piece. Throughout this I have experimented with a number of different materials, including wood, bamboo, Plasterzote, Sculpey, paper and fabric, as well as found objects and materials. I have a passion for creating characters and designing environments developed from a narrative or theme.

I find Thingumajig’s work very inspiring, and would love to have the opportunity to take part in the ‘From Page to Stage’ workshop. I am a keen maker, eager to build on my current puppetry skills and learn about new techniques and materials. Although I have mainly worked with smaller scale puppets in the past, I am very excited to explore the world of large-scale puppetry further. It would be a wonderful opportunity, not only to meet and collaborate with fellow designers and makers from around the world, but also to learn from the directors of Thingumajig Theatre, and contribute to the PIP production for this year’s Incanti Festival.

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Francesco Picciotti

In Theater I like the freedom of having doubts, not always thinking In the theater, find the freedom to have doubts, do not ignore them but see them, breathe them, eat them. Do not solve.
I build puppets, masks and things to experience the strength of the material and mix it with the inconsistency of my doubts, of my thoughts. This is why i love the puppets and stuff because simultaneously they are what they are and what they will be and what they might be. I find no peace.
For this I try all the time, experiment techniques, ideas, words, without finding who knows where they are.
Working to learn again to give shape to things and words, in different ways, and seek satisfaction in giving life. This is what motivates me: move the thoughts and the hands. What I expect are these two artists who come from far, their gestures, their fingers, their technique, learn from them, and from the group and from you and everyone i’ll meet. I want to live some day dedicating myself to just one thing: dedicating myself to the birth of something, to its growth to its meeting with the public. Without having to divide myself.

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Marco Ceccotti

Puppeteer, improviser, actor (or a sort of) and writer of plays.
I was bom in a smalltown in the Umbrian countryside named Schifanoia. Town known to have nothing to be famous for. The ftrst time I saw a show of puppetry I was in kindergarten. I just remember that at the end ofthe performance I wanted to manipulate the puppet, and they left me do it, but only for a few seconds because we had to go back to school. "One day puppets l'll manipulate you!" This was my deep promise. I started to work in '"Ieatro San Carlino", a stable Puppet theater in Rome and I made official my job as an actor with a degree in the Theatre University at the Perugia's Center. In every show that I represent, not even mine, I try to include some element of puppetry. I do not know exactly what drives me to work with puppels. But I owe a lot to them, they are my heroes because they are brave, are ready for anything, they can do things that I can only imagine. They don't do any whim before going on stage, they are not jealous and they do not get upset if I do something wrong. They offen make me laugh or moved. I respect them as ordinary people. Sometimes moIe. I use them without distinctions and I treat with respect all ofthem from the heads ofwood to puppets,or garden gnomes and eaven the sheet of paper stuck on a stick.

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