Clementina Kura-kura (Elena Díez)

DIEZ KuraKura FotoClementina descriptive curriculum (link)

El gecko con botas is a recently established company (in Barcelona from 2016),
however, the group starts up in Indonesia where its two members and founders are given the chance to learn traditional shadow techniques in the island of Java (Wayang Kulit). During that learning period, they already start performing together in different plays, always involving shadows.
The company founders and members are the Catalan pupeteer and visual artist,
Clementina Kura-kura, and the Argentinian director, actor and playwright, Damián Bojorque. From two separate parts of the world, Southamerica and Europe, we met in a third one, in Asia. There we created and worked with the most characteristic artistic element of this continent: shadows. Since then (2014), we have been creating and performing together with such element, exploring traditional techniques, as well as including our own innovations.
So our fascination toward the world of shadows and our eagerness to keep learning and exploring contemporary approaches to shadow theater is the main motivation to join PIP this year. Getting involved in this exploration lead by an experienced and recognised company such as Controluce Teatro d'Ombre can only be enriching for us; moreover, the method, creating a collaborative piece, is close to our idea of learning by doing.
However, not only the technique, company and method are great motivations for us to take part in PIP this year, but also the topic of exploration. After our stay in
Indonesia, we remained very interested in myths, so it is currently also a line of
exploration of our company. While living in Indonesia and getting to know better Asian performing arts, we realised of the importance to both cultural life, but also daily life, of the myths and Epics (in that case Mahabbharata and Ramayana). When looking back at Europe regarding myths, which happened often when we were interpellated by our Javanese puppeteer colleagues, we realised that much of our “myths and epics”had been lost. Thus, one of the challenges we kept in our mind after we left Indonesia had to do with retaking “Western Myths” and bring them back to life through the potential of shadows. We are at the moment re-reading “Odyssey”, willing to create a
performance in the future – thinking of young audiences -. Thus, for sure working around the myth of the Labyrinth in PIP can only bring inspiration and ideas for us on how to approach the topic of the myth.
Thus, the interests and expectations of the company are both related to the content of the programme, as well as to the technical perspective. Since we are a small company, and such has been the format of our most recent creations, it is also very interesting for us to explore the possibilities of shadows in bigger formats and with the potential of bigger teams.
Moreover, from a personal point of view, the group counts with diverse and complementary interests: on the one hand, Clementina Kura-kura is fascinated about in the potential of different objects and lighting equipment to generate different effects; on the other hand, Damián Bojorque is more interested in living through the creation of a dramaturgy in a collaborative way, as well as exploring the potential of body shadow in a performance of this kind. This is why, all in all, we hope to be selected to join such a creative environment and enriching opportunity of “Proyecto Incanti Produce 2018” for further deveolopment of our career.


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