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Pierre JacqueminDescriptive curriculum of Pierre (link)

My name is Pierre Jacquemin, I am 29 years old, I am Belgian.  I have graduated as actor to the Accademia Internazionale di teatro of Rome.
I am very interested to your search of an actor for your next  stage on “shadow theatre”.
To play at theatre is fundamental for me. I have experience with the theatre of absurdity, theatre of movement, Commedia dell'arte and I made small roles in films.
I like so much theatre for young people, the fine and delicate language of this theatre. Lately, I made a little theatre show “Kermesse” about Tati, a french actor. The show speak about a postman, a village and the circus arriving to the village and changes usual behaviours. A mix show of poetry, dance, puppet theatre and storytelling.
I like so much to find new languages, new poetry for stories, tales.
I’m very interested about object poetry, usual objects that often did their time and so they speak, express themselves. I would like to be part of your poetry and your work to play with the
body/object, discover possibilities with rhythms, sounds and physical forms
Now I am making shows of improvisation / mime / pantomime in the streets (Pierrot). Before I have toured with a company of itinerant theatre. I speak Italian and also French. Entering in contact with audience and search dramaturgic aspects about physical and mental spaces has most interest for me
Often i remember about the identity of the stories that I feel, what define them, what imaginary, what kind of winds caress or destroy them. They bring me particles that build my identity. Particles that become sense signals to conceive pieces of confinements of my personal identity. I would want to activate those explosions, feel them. Such memories ripples along a song, a text, a colour, a form, entering the empty time to take part in the “office of the wandering common curiosities”
Thank you so much

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