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Short presentation that I hope will help in the analysis of my profile. For 10 years I have been doing jobs that have allowed me to grow a lot on a professional and personal level and that are giving me an increasingly multifaceted vision of the theatrical discipline in its artistic, social, educational and political aspects. Numerous experiences in both scientific and artistic training in which I took part to improve on a professional level and to nurture a lingering cultural curiosity. Here I reported only the most significant formal ones for the candidacy to which I submit my figure.
I think I have discrete organizational skills, excellent manual skills and I prefer team work. Working experiences, often coinciding with personal interests, have allowed me to realize with passion and creativity numerous initiatives in the cultural, artistic and socio-educational field, allowing me to develop the skills necessary for group work with numerous collaborators, mixed subjects (institutional, formal and informal) and economic resources for the organization of small theatrical reviews, creation of shows and the realization of projects with socio-cultural value on my territory.
What moves me to apply for "PIP - Production Incanti Project 2018 - The Labyrinth" is a strong desire to bring the puppet theater to settle deeper in the amateur and semi-professional theatrical life of the territory of Rhodense, Bollatese and Legnanese that together constitute the north-west province of Milan. In this territory theatrical associations, acting schools as well as professional and amateur companies are numerous and constitute a lively presence, but despite this vitality, the Figure Theater struggles to spread, especially because of the distrust of those who practice it in the first person.
I would therefore like to learn more and more about the "figure", the multiple forms in which it can present itself and the ways in which it can adapt to transmit heterogeneous contents. I had a first contact with Puppetry through meeting the Paper Theater of Gary Friedman (Australian Master Puppeteer), and then deepen the value of the puppet in the socio-educational field with Damiano Giambelli and the construction techniques with the teacher Paola Bassani of Teatro Laboratorio Mangiafuoco with whom I established an exchange relationship based on mutual esteem.
Adding the study of the shadows would allow me to approach an aspect of the figure still little practiced and to bring knowledge in the companies and in the places where I work.

"After the opportunity of meeting it I hope to learn more about Teatro di Figura cause I want to bring it mainly in my work e in my territory. The shadow can be a great means with potentialities for staging a lot of message. My expectations? To have fun and learn a lot!"


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