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Ten years ago, during a workshop with Tapa Sudana (Peter Brook's actor), Tapa has given life to a cloth and told a story, I was amazed that an inanimate object could become alive and could bring a wisdom and a depth that is often missing to human beings.
Since then I got closer and closer to puppetry and to the transformative possibilities of objects.
I'm fascinated by the simple objects that can come to life, by sculpted materials, by manipulation and the ability to put myself at the service of something inanimate and make it live using my voice and my body as a vehicle for something that goes beyond what I am and my limitations and that explores the potential of changing shape, size and the mixing of human/artifact.

I come from a training in circus and theatre, from a deep physical work that sees performer as the protagonist on the stage.
In my work I look for this: the deep communication with myself and with
the audience, which sometimes passes through the inanimate to which I give life.
I like the subtle work that does not use the word to communicate, but it passes through channels of visual poetry.
In general I am inspired by those who can see beyond the first impression, those who can think outside the box to find solutions where others do not see possibilities, those who think simple and arrive at a result unexpected and complex .
I am inspired by those that, with few resources, can create something; those who work hard to reach a goal; those who in times of crisis don't let go, but they pull out something surprising; those who, when I least expect it, strike at my heart by dropping the barriers of rationality.
I am inspired by the animals and their ability to move in a pack without communicating verbally , but feeling/perceiving each other .... a flock, a herd... as a single body made of different individuality.
From January to March 2016 I attended the Curious School of Puppetry in London, directed by Sarah Wright, where for 10 weeks I have studied numerous figure theater techniques with several teachers.
In May 2017, for the second time, I was the artistic director of MAPU - International Festival of Puppetry at Piazzola sul Brenta.
Last June I collaborated with Andrew Kim and the Russian Cardboardia team for the Heben Bridge parade making giant puppets.
Last summer I was in Pinerolo in an artistic residence at the Teatro del Lavoro to develop 2 projects of puppetry with 2 different companies and in November I met Duda Paiva's work, which opened me new ways to explore the link between Dance and figure theater.
In February I worked 2 weeks with an inter-ethnic group on story stories, each of us coming from a different scope (writing, video, photography, puppets, theater) and it was very interesting to contaminate languages. I'd like to continue research and experimentation within your project, with a different approach and a new look and with the possibility to work collectively and intensively on a topic that excites me.


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