Lorenzo Galli

lorenzo Galli Lorenzo descriptive curriculum

Good morning,
I am writing to you at the last moment...
mmmmmmm, sorry about that.

Well, I would really like to take part to this workshop.

As I wrote in my CV my job is street performing as a one-man-band and I am trying to develop a new show with object theatre, puppets and live music.
This point, about the use of music and sounds is really touching me and the connection between puppet/object theatre and music is really where my work is trying to go.

This is the reason why taking part to your workshop would be so much important for me.

I don't want to spend more words about it, and I just can say that, in case I will be booked in any street or theatre festival for the period of PIP formation I will give priority to PIP formation, refusing payed jobs in festivals, since I believe that evolving my "performing world" is the priority and I believe this workshop will be a great chance of evolution.


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