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My name is Andrei Balan.
Since 2014 I have collaborated with 'UnterWasser Company' of Rome. My professional theater experience started with them. The aim of the company is to explore the expressive and evocative potential of puppetry and visual theater.
In 2015 and 2016, I was hired by the company like substitute to perform the show 'Out' (Premio Benedetto Ravasio 2016, Eolo Awards Best Puppet Show 2016, Special mention Premio Scenario Infanzia 2015) in Italy, Europe and China.
I played the show for around 80 times.
I witnessed the birth of the show (from the creation of puppets and story) and this experience was enlightening for me.
I felt in love with this show and the world to whom it belongs: the poetical possibilities offered by visual theater.

My first training with theatre animation and manipulation took place directly on the stage, during rehearsals, thanks to the teaching of Valeria Bianchi (author, director, actrice, animator, puppet maker), Aurora Buzzetti (set designer, animator, puppet maker) and Giulia De Canio (actrice, animator, puppet maker).
In addition to this intensive experience (I've performed OUT during two long tours), I holded creative workshops of string and glove puppets for children (for several elementary schools in Rome and for the turkish padillion during Milan Expo 2015) and I collaborated to realize animated readings with shadow theater.
I was born in Piatra Neamt, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains, situated in the north-east of Romania, in a quite poor region. After Ceasescu killing, my parents, as many other people, emigrated to other countries, looking for a job, leaving me and my brother with our grandmother: a strong, intense woman, with a big smile and a lot of creativity.
We came to Italy in 2001. I was 13 years old and I didn't know any italian. I started going to school in a second class in Campagnano di Roma. I looked the gestures of teachers and companions, trying to catch the meaning of the words, without understand.
Mute spectator, I tried to imagine possible meanings to the things which happened around me.
Changing language, city, country, it's a hard, upsetting, educational experience. Today I think about art and mute theatre as a great instrument to communicate with everybody in the world.
Following the jobs that my father changed, my family moved several times: new rips, new uprootings.
It's easy to imagine that my school career hasn't been really straightforward and clear. In 2008 I took a degree in Accounting but I couldn't go to university because my family economical situation obligated me to look for a job. It was easy for me to find it in the catering sector because I had already worked in it during summer vacations. So, during 5 years I have been barman, waiter, cook, working in bar and high level restaurants. But I knew that it was not my way. In my spare time I liked drawing, carving, playing guitar, reading, dancing folk dances, but I didn't know that all these my interests one day could have been transformed in a job.
In 2012, I was 24 years old, I opened a Tea Room in Ostia and I called it "Carouselambra Bistrot": 32 square meters to be filled of beauty in my way. I transformed that small place in a meeting and sharing point, art gallery, in which it was always possible play and perform. Cooking for people was also a way to express my creative side.
In these years I met the world of puppetry.
I discovered the work of Jordi Beltran and the incredible reality of Pepe Otal Atelier in Barcelona.
Touring with "OUT" I had the possibility to participate at several festivals, meeting interesting artists and companies (Girovago e Rondella, Mimmo Cuticchio, Polina Borisova, Bruno Leone, Steve Mottram, Tof Theatre, Gaspare Nasuto, Fondazione Ravasio, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Topic de Tolosa, De Filippo Marionette, Gula Molnar and many others) who work in visual and puppet theatre in very different ways.
I'm very motivated to continue working in puppet theater, I have a lot of projects in my mind that I want to develop to realize new shows.
I'm looking for high quality educational projects to improve my manipulation, animation and construction ability and to become more indipendent in dramaturgy.
I really would like to meet people who have interests similar to mine, with whom share ideas and eventually start future collaborations.
I think that the artistic residential workshops are the best opportunity because they offer the possibility to focus the attention on the subject without distractions.
I'm interested in visual theater because it gives you the possibility to obtain infinite expressive and evocative effects through figures and animated matter.
I like the transformation of materials and I prefer the kind of animation that include the presence of the animator: in this way you can create the enchantment despite the trick is unveiled.
I would like to develop the relation between theater and music (I play guitar, dijeridoo and a bit accordeon).
I'm curious about objects theatre, I like the idea that an object known for his daily use can assume stratified different and multiple values.
Furthermore one of my favourite tale is The Ratcatcher of Hamelin...
For all these reasons I really hope to be part of the project PIP 2017!


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