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Currently, I am a student of The Ludwik Solski State Drama School, 4rd grade of directing for puppet theatre. During my studies in Wroclaw I discovered the extraordinary opportunities offered by means of expression of contemporary theatre combination of puppetry, formal theatre, motion, light and visual effects which together create a new, universal stage experience for the audience. Until now I have been studying subjects such as directing, directing for puppetry, basic stage and puppet acting, set design, contemporary drama and classic drama, dramaturgy and adaptations, classical puppetry techniques acting and other subcjets related to theatre work process. Also I did my 6 moths placement in Rose Bruford College in London studying European Theatre Arts where I was trained as a deviser and performer.

I find the workshop as a great opportunity and I expect that by participating in workshop I can increase my directing skills, develop myself artistically and find out how to explore even more different techniques of puppetry. Whithin last years I had a chance to be an Assitant Director to Neville Tranter during his work on „Moliere" show and to Janni Younge during her work on "Flight" in Poznan.

Thanks to this work, I have met a completely different ways of working on the performance from the way that is mostly practiced in Central Europe and now I would love to learn about different methods and techniques in order to create my own future, unique style of working. This workshop is also a great opportunity to broading my horizons. Meeting another young artists and being trained and directed by such an interesting arist like Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya will be an exciting experience.

During my placement in Rose Bruford College I've been devising a show based on Tadeusz Kantor's techniques from Cricot 2 Theatre. Studying his methodology we've created a very futuristic music show. After this experience I'm fascinated with reinterpretating certain methods of theatre making and with devising a show as an ensemble.

I'm having a big desire of exploring theatre and of growth myself, especially in the creation and exploration of visual and puppet theatre and its recherche techniques. It is extremely important to me to broaden my horizons of creativity. Until now I expressed myself in the matter of the theatre (I have directed 5 shows) and video (more than 20 short forms). I have also collaborated on numerous productions in independent theatre as a creator of visualization, as co-director and art director on several independent films, also as an performer and puppeteer. I expect that this workshop will be a great opportunity to became more mature artist.

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