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Here in Italy it's hard to meet an artist who works in the field of figures theatre for an adult audience and who doesn't seem to be under the pressure of a commercial result. Here we are : to me the most interesting aspect of Limbo's work is her freedom. I am deeply interested on her work, that seems to me to be a poetic and politc work that doesn't lean towards aestheticism at all.It 's a simple but very subtle work. She can work with more and more simple elements and still she is able to give voice to what she wants to tell.
My vocational training has been a little unusual because I started as an actress and later on I went to the theatral writing: I wrote a few things for the theatre of figure but I feel the this field have a bigger potential for me, in regard to the writing too.

I watched on Vimes the videos where you briefly showed Agnes Limbo's work and I found it very interesting also for the way it shows itself,frontal and ecsplicit without stratagems nor tricks.

This is the theatre I like and I always tied to do and I like to watch.

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