Jakub Masymov

jakub Jakub descriptive curriculum

I deal with puppet and object theatre for quite a long time (see my portfolio). This project I find as a great opportunity to share experiences with people from different contexts and to learn from cooperating with them. I also like the work of Agnes Limbos and I am interested in meeting with her in this project. So these are the main reasons why I was attracted by your call.

After reading annotation in your call I feel that there is quite concrete idea of the workshop, but that there is still enough space for participants to be creative and inventive. So I believe that it will be well-spent time.

My first projects were solo puppet performances. Then I worked in some project as actor, but nowadays I work mostly as director. At the moment I feel that for me would be useful to take part in creative process again from opposite side – from the position of actor. New experience with new people could enrich my next work. Nevertheless, I am very motivated to be in new performance.

In the past I took part or organized several international projects and I have good experience with them – some relations, that I created, overgrew into long cooperation. For me there is a hope that something like this could happen also in Torino.



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