Giulia Menegatti

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I would like to attend the Pip 2016 directed by Agnes Limbos because object theater and its contamination with the presence of the actor are the main fields of my personal artistic research.
I am fascinated by the manipulation of everyday objects and by the powerful communication they can have on stage thanks to the attention and the energy gave by the actor/puppetter.

I am interested in object theater since almost 10 years now, both as a spectator and as a researcher "on the field". From this intense workshop I am expecting to discover and learn a new way to work on stage with objects, experimenting a new relation between stage, object and actor.

I had the opportunity to see a show by Gare Centrale in the 2014 edition of Incanti Festival and I would like to have the opportunity to work with Agnes Limbos and learn her methodology. I was struck by the balance, during the performance, between the presence of the actor and the manipulation of the objects.

I am really interested to work also with the cinema methodology, mixing cinema techiques and theories and object theater. I think that object theater have a great communication potential, both on narrative and on aestetic level and the idea to contaminate this theater form with cinema techinques is very appealing to me. I think that this combination could boost even more the power of object theater and its ability to tell the contemporary world.

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