Carolina Arandia

carolina arandia Curriculum descrittivo di Carolina (EN)

My stronger motivation is to work with Agnes Limbos together with a group of highly motivated artists; researching the imaginary world we develop once working with objects.
Personally, I'm passionate about the stories opened up when working with everyday objects; I find substantial meaning (even and specially in nonsense) out of the simplest acts or relations with them. That is one of my artistic interests once working with objects, the entity they manifest and how they expose actor's vulnerability. When the language is built on these two pillars, I believe there is a significant empathy with to the audience.

I feel much interest by the artistic proposal for this special creation: the idea of using a cinematic language for the realization, bringing montage processes to stage, as a different way of building dramaturgy. I find this a nutritive challenge.
My expectation is to give myself completely into this special creation, to travel and work with such an emblematic artist of object theatre as Agnes Limbos is. Nowadays, I'm working on my graduation thesis of a postgraduate on Object theatre, we have studied Agnes Limbos work hardly, so it would be an honor to me to work together and keep learning out of her experience.
I'm thrilled for this initiative PIP 2016 has, hope to be part of it.

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