Curriculum descrittivo di Minako

I saw the PIP performance last year and I wrote an article for INCANTI. It was very nice and I had been waiting to apply to PIP this year.
I like object theater very much. I saw wonderful performance of Ms.AGNES LIMBOS in Charleville-Mézière last year, so when I knew that she would be the director of PIP 2016, I was really interested in being directed by Ms.AGNES that's why I can't miss the PIP 2016!

I use any figure in my shows, like puppet, mask, object, material, and whatever I need. For me object is so interesting partner.

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nosotti Alessandro descriptive curriculum

I have been the pleasure to meet Agnes and her shows (I saw 'TROUBLES' four times) and it is one of my dream do a workshop with her and try to understand her vision of puppetry and her irony in this tipe of work. I have to say tha I have already had the plesure to chat with her other times and It has been like having micro-lessons of theatre. She is a great Master from which I wuold like to draw wisdom. Furthermore, I am interested as well becouse, in the company that I work for, is born an interest for that kind of language and I wuold like to know more about that world.

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Aleksandra descriptive curriculum

I am the student of the forth year of puppetry acting at Ludwik Solski Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow in Poland, Wroclaw Branch. I have finished some acting classes and courses in USA too: Acting for Film in Los Angeles branch of New York Film Academy and Acting in Montgomery College in Maryland where I lived for some time. My interests circle somewhere between film, performing arts, formal theater and puppetry since I was a quite little girl. I have just half a year left to graduate in Ludwik Solski Academy of Art and I have already got some experience on profesional theatre stages in Poland.

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