Dorosz P

Julianna descriptive Curriculum

I'm a young actress. I have worked in theatre for a year and I like new challenges. Once in my lifetime I participated in international workshops in Divadlo Continuo in Czech Republic and during a month I learnt a lot. Meeting new people with different experiences, different thinking about theatre help me to develope my conception about theatre and art.
PIP also could be a great adventure.

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Laura descriptive Curriculum

I've known Nori Sawa for a while now and I deeply appreciate his work, visually and conceptually. His work as puppetter and director is deeply tied to movement and that is something really interest me, since movement and dance are, still now, my basic training. And that's what I'm reaserching on at moment. To be able to see how he relates the movement, the theatrical action, dramaturgy and puppetry would be a real boost for my own research ground.
Since becoming a puppeteer I work most of the times alone, and I kind of miss working with a group, so whenever I get a chance for a collaboration I jump in it and this would be a perfect situation. And I love the topic.... Flotsam Blues... very strong topic and very actual.

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Anna Guazzotti P
Anna descriptive Curriculum

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy, with a specialization in Graphic Arts (etching). My artistic path departs from drawing and bi-dimensional representation and, through the etching of different materials like wooden, stone and metal printing plates, brought me to experimentation and manipulation. In the last few years I approached Figure Theater especially Shadow Theater. The exigency to bring life to my signs led me to distance my drawings from the paper and bring them to a different dimension – the set on stage, trying to explore and use the dynamism of movements as the key element to build a visual and narrative composition. Shadow Theater brought my artistic experience to a whole new level, in which I found myself playing with materials to build "objects" that I then try to bring to life on stage. This playful and manual dimension of artistic research has been the source of a renewed artistic excitement, which is what brings wishing to participate to the PIP 2015.

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Gornicki P

Marek Marcel descriptive Curriculum

I feel very motivated by the fact that I will have opportunity again in my life to work in international team of actors.
I am highly interested In theatre,modern but also the classical one. I think I can't tell wether I love theatre Or music more.
I play instruments such as gitar -classical, electric, piano, accordion, a bit of drums and I enjoy the process of creating music. Although the process of creating role and performing it and feeling of it evolving within me is the best.

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