curated by the Turin International School of Comics
Incanti's aim to promote creativity
continues. Again this year, it has proposed to young designers and graphic designers to work for the realization of its coordinated image. Thanks to the collaboration with the International School of Comics, and in particular to the course of illustration and graphics, it is possible to offer a selection of the drawings produced for this project, as well as, of course, the cover image and graphic creations of this festival's edition.

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museo cinema AROUND INCANTI
MARIONETTES & CINEMATOGRAPHY in collaboration with
Museo Nazionale del Cinema
and ASIFA Italia

Sunday 6 October at 20.30
Cinema Massimo



introducing Stefano Boni, Andrea Pagliardi, Eugenia Gaglianone
duration 75 '(English subtitles)

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from 19/07 to 06/01
Mole Antonelliana

A great exhibition based on the Museum’s prestigious collection, that tells the story of this pseudoscience over the past five hundred years. An emotional path takes you from masks to facial recognition systems once again confirming that a face is the most important place where a human being’s soul can express itself. The tour focuses on performing arts and intersects with art, science, technology and communication. Starting from the Temple Hall, and then up the Helicoidal Ramp, the visitor is swept into a long and fascinating story connecting Giovan Battista Della Porta’s and Johann Caspar Lavater’s catalogues to the study of Charles Le Brun’s faces - the first painter of the Sun King - to the magic lantern glass and Emoji, to acting manuals- first in theatre and then in cinema - to morphing, to the most advanced face tracking software or to the works of contemporary artists who explore faces and emotions.
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Incanti meets friends to talk about books, design, creativity and Puppet Theatre as well as discovering all the Festival's materials.

14/09  h16.00
on the occasion of the Open Day of the Alliance Française-via Saluzzo 60, Turin

17/09  h18.30
presentation in collaboration with Libreria Bodoni Spazio B Via Carlo Alberto 41, Turin

27/09  h19.00
aperitif and presentation by Bertolini & Borse - via Teofilo Rossi 3, Turin

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