Le Roman de Renard

7th OCTOBER, 20.30h.
Cinema Massimo

Homage to Ladislas Starevich

in collaboration with
Museo Nazionale del Cinema and ASIFA Italia

introduction Stefano Boni, Andrea Pagliardi, Eugenia Gaglianone

INCANTI and the National Cinema Museum, in collaboration with ASIFA Italia, offer one of the most amazing animated films in history, the only feature film by the father of stopmotion Ladislas Starevich.
The film is based on Goethe's story Reineke Fuchs, inspired by the medieval classic Roman de Renart, and tells the story of Renard the Fox who in the animal kingdom uses his ability to deceive everyone. King Noble, the Lion, orders his arrest and incarceration but he will try to get out of trouble with cunning.
To open the evening another little gem by Starevich, a short film that won the Gold Medal at the Milan International Film Festival: The Cameraman's Revenge.

Tickets can be purchased at the Cinema Massimo according to its modalities and rates.

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