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I am fond of puppet and object theatre as they give actors the chance to create a visual-kind storytelling and to build small unexpected universes by playing with the elements placed on the stage. I like watching how these elements can be combined together and invented anew depending on stories' needs. I am pleased to be astonished by objects and puppets which on the stage reach another meaning and manage to come alive.
As a spectator, I feel deeply involved and fascinated by this world. The exhibitions better gave me these impressions are, to name just few, "On pense à vous" ("We think of you") by Marianne Hansé and "Cold blood", performed by the collective Kiss and Cry. Both of them show a peculiar integration between theater and different languages, the first with live drawing, the latter with video.

Another performance that amused me a lot is "Zeus e il fuoco degli dei" ("Zeus and the fire of gods") by Teatro Verde: it was full of smart solutions concerning stage costumes and puppets. I am talking as spectator, since theatre is not my job. In 2014, I graduated from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia here in Turin, and since then, I have been working as a cartoon animator.
I define myself as a 2d cartoon animator and my job concerns the animation of drawings (mainly for commercials, musical videos, short films and TV series).
I have also worked in the pre-production phase for some stop motion animation projects: I participated in the building of the various scenical elements (mainly, stenography and scenical objects). I much like these planning and building phases.
To some extent, my job has some similarities with puppet theatre: cartoon animation involves indeed a story told by images, that is the animation of objects with no autonomous life. It may have to do with the rhythm and the performance "on the stage".
In my field, we deal with cinema and of course, it is a language with its peculiar features, which differ from the ones associated to theater: apart from the final live performance, I am aware that my job doesn't have the same playful dimension and the kind of interaction with physical and body elements.
I am really interested in this dimension. I could discover it by attending the Piccola Accademia del Teatro Ragazzi here in Turin, in the two-year period of 2011-2013.
This has been my most important and consecutive theatre experience, as I had just followed some short clown workshops organised by the group Teatro Invisibile (Padova). This experience was highly formative.
In detail, the work on the stage-set with Alessandro Pisci and Pasquale Buonarota was very useful as participants were encouraged to invent solutions by playing them, not being sit down, but directly on the stage. With Bobo Nigrone we worked on the feeling of group, with Bricco on the role of the theater animator, while the work with Melano was focused on the objects.
Unfortunately, after the end of this path, I focused mainly on my job as a 2d animator, keeping to follow my passion for theater just as spectator.
Children literature is another long-lasting interest I have nourished over years. By children literature I mean both writing and illustration. I always kept knowing more and more about this world.
Even if it has been on the sly for much time, the wish to deal with theatre is still strong in my heart and resulted from attending theatre performances and festivals, as well as visiting museums.
Recently, a friend of mine and I have been writing a comic children story. She is an animator and we have starting our project from a puppet she had made. This story is thought for a puppet theatre performance and in this sense, I would like to start acquiring the professional skills to improve the quality of this ongoing project.
In my view, this workshop can be a great opportunity to approach again the puppet theatre, to learn more about it and to explore the world of puppets helped by professional people. What is more, I felt highly motivated to send my participation application by the choice of Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya of extending the workshop also to professionals not belonging to theatre field.
My intention is not necessarily matching my background (drawing, animation, video) to the work of puppet theatre. Yet, I would like to approach again to theatre getting involved by its peculiar features, mainly its physical aspects.
However, if the situation requires it, the integration between different languages is a possibility I am really interested in, too.

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