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The 24th edition of Incanti, with the support of MIBACT, the Regione Piemonte, Città di Torino, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation, Comune di Grugliasco, and the Ramon Llull Institute of Catalonia, is dedicated to the connection between music and puppetry. From noise to grammelot, from pop music to melodrama, music and sound become more than a mere soundtrack: they turn into dramaturgy and narration by meeting the world-class international puppet theatre.
During seven days, theatre companies from Spain, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Ukraine and Italy showcase a rich program full of surprise, in addition to the regular events of the festival:
the 10th edition of PIP - Production Incanti Project, led by russian director Ivanova-Brashinskaya;
the 6th edition of the CANTIERE Project, addressed to young emerging theatre companies, in collaboration with Teatro del Buratto of Milan, the Is Mascareddas company of Cagliari and Teatro delle Briciole of Parma;
The 3rd edition of the Accademia project, which this year features two performances and one workshop led by the ESELx - Escola Superior de Educação of Lisbon. This year Incanti introduces a brand new space for cooperation with the Ramon Llull Institute of Catalonia, under the advice of the IF Festival of Barcelona, which represents a window into Catalan contemporary puppet theatre. A new project of international cooperation between the Besllum Visual Art group of Mallorca and the ZYP rock band of Turin was born for this event in order to create a special new show on the occasion of this edition.
The Festival keeps collaborating with various institutions: Museo Nazionale del Cinema will host a day dedicated to the topic "Puppets and Cinema", featuring some videos by the Czech master Jiri Trnka, Castello di Rivoli will host the shadow theatre workshop and Comune di Grugliasco collaborates in the PIP Project and in the Piccoli Incanti project, dedicated to schools. Incanti cooperates also with Fondazione TRG, Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici, Teatro Popolare, Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin and The Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin for the realisation of the Festival.

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