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8th October, 16:30h.
Villa Boriglione Parco Culturale Le Serre Grugliasco

Paths of innovation:
beyond the memory of traditions

Open discussion of trends in International Puppet Theatre

with Yasuko Senda, Annette Dabs, John McCormick and Giovanni Moretti. Moderator Alfonso Cipolla.
Incanti thanks Vittoria Martinetto for her collaboration as interpreter

in collaboration with: Unima Japan, Unima Italia, Grugliasco Municipality, Institute for Puppetry and Popular Theatre

The wonderful diversity of the "cultural ecosystem" known as Puppet Theatre, comes not only from the number of languages involved - some of which are lost in the mists of history - but by its powerful ability to be reborn, by virtue of its universal immediacy that makes this form of theater permeable, flexible, "internationalizable", open to thousands of influences and in a constant state of potential change.
Four exceptional and longtime observers, geographically remote and with very different approaches to each other, will meet with the public for a special evening of Incanti at the Villa Boriglione.



Yasuko Senda, from Japan, has studied the Karakuri Ningyo and other traditional forms of Japanese theatre as the Bunraku, Kabuki and Kagura (Performance from Japanese cosmology) for many years. The Karakuri Ningyo are automata that perform both in a domestic situation and in the street and are precursors of the Japanese passion for robots. Ms. Senda has been a lecturer at Shukutoku University of Aichi and is now a representative of NPO Corporation Minerva Nagoya, a Councilor of Japan UNIMA and a member of the Research Commission of International UNIMA.



John McCormick, from Ireland, was an Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin, where he was the first director of the Centre for Theatre Studies. He is the author of books on subjects related to Puppetry in Europe including popular puppets in 19th-century Europe, the Victorian Marionette Theatre and the history of the Italian Puppet Theatre.


a. dabs 3


Annette Dabs, from Germany, is a director for opera and drama and works in different German theatres. Since 1997 she has been General Manager of the "Deutsches Forum für Figurentheater" in Bochum, the German center for puppetry art, and as such is also the artistic director of the international festival FIDENA and publisher of the professional magazine "double". She was Vicepresident of UNIMA between 2004 and 2016 and is a member of ITI. The City of Bochum awarded her the Ring of Honour.




Giovanni Moretti. president of the Institute for Puppetry and Popular Theatre, has been awarded the prestigious EOLO Award for lifetime achievement, for the following reasons: "To Giovanni Moretti, heir of Gian Renzo Morteo, forerunner of Theatre for Youth in Italy, noble father of the theater in Turin and of the Italian Puppet Theatre. Moretti's career covers sixty years of Italian theatre in every aspect, and his professionalism has been infused with competence and great humanity".


alfonso 2


Alfonso Cipolla, Professor of Theory and Technique of Scenic Interpretation at the "Guido Cantelli" Conservatory of Novara, has also taught Theatre of Animation for several years at the Faculty of Arts, University of Turin, and published essays on the history and specific aspects of the Puppet Theatre in Italy. With Giovanni Moretti he has founded and directs the Institute for Puppetry and Popular Theatre.

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